RamBase – a system for manufacturing companies

Is RamBase the best system for manufacturing companies? We ask Odd Magne Vea, RamBase’s CSO, and Paweł Prymakowski, CEO of IT Vision, how RamBase supports manufacturing companies. We answer the question of why it supports production better than other solutions. And explain how it is possible that the system can be implemented in just 8 weeks. Odd Magne and Paweł also answer whether the system is ready to support companies on the Polish market.

Maria Olszańska: Good morning. Today with me is Odd Magne Vea, CSO of RamBase Company and Paweł Prymakowski, CEO of IT Vision.

A brief history of RamBase

I would like to start this interview with quick introduction. RamBase system is an ERP born in Norway. It was originally created for Hatteland company. But when its creators saw the success of the system, they decided to share it with another entrepreneurs. So RamBase entered other markets, but when RamBase entered Polish market they joined forces with IT Vision. And it’s how IT Vision became the first implementation partner in Poland.

We have started this year’s first RamBase implementation in Poland. I think it a great opportunity to talk a about the system. And to let people know the system a little bit better.

Odd Magne, we can find in many places and resources information that RamBase is a perfect fit for manufacturing companies. Is it true? And if yes, why? What makes it special?

Odd Magne Vea: Hi, yes, as you said Maria. One of the special things about RamBase is it was originally made to support our own manufacturing company. And this also means that we have experienced the needs of the industry, first time ourselves. Unlike many other systems RamBase is built with a detail focused on manufacturing and the supply chain, where the finance system then is the result of all of these activities done in the manufacturing and the warehouse.

RamBase – a system for manufacturing companies

RamBase is not made for all types of different companies. We focus all our efforts on manufacturing and distribution companies. And the result is that we have deep and extensive functionality for our target industries.

RamBase - a system for manufacturing companies

My last point here is that RamBase is continuously updated automatically. That means that our customers don’t have to worry about technical installations, and updates, and all off these things. It also means that our customers automatically receive new and updated functionality.  And that their system is never out of support.

Maria Olszańska: You mentioned several times that the specific functionalities of RamBase are the systems’ big advantage. And what are the functionalities that facilitates manufacturing? Are in RamBase some functions that other systems do not have (but should)? What are the advantages in production over other solutions?

Odd Magne Vea: A very important distinction with RamBase is that it is a fully ERP system with the specific functionality in the whole work process from the shop floor to the financial. Within the same system. And this gives our customers a great control of the whole business in one system.  It means that finance can drill down into the transactions on the shop floor and have control over the full work process.

Complex needs of manufacturing companies

When it comes to functionality, we have focused on companies with complex needs in what we called regulated businesses. This means that our customers often have demanding customers themselves or regulatory report need. And very concrete examples are extensive support of traceability, serial numbering and documentation. That fits very well with many manufacturing companies and electronical manufacturing companies for instance. There is also very good integrated quality and deviation system built in to all the processes. The result of this is that our customers can realize lots of standard functionality within the same solution. And not have to use a lot of time and money to develop and modify other functionality.   

Maria Olszańska: So, it is really good that we’re focusing just on manufacturing companies because we can give them what they really need. Because you as RamBase and Hatteland understand those needs.

RamBase vendors boast about the quick implementation of the system. Paweł, is it really possible to start running this system in just 8 weeks?

Paweł Prymakowski: RamBase and its projects methodology helps us to reduce significantly the time needed for the system implementation. Of course, the cloud model is also helpful. You don’t need to focus; you don’t even need to touch any technical problems. But what is important that most manufacturing functions that in typical ERP system requires some customization or add-ons. In RamBase are available just out-of-the-box so the time and cost are reduced.

Functionalities for production available “out of the box”

Also, I can add to what Odd Magne said about unique features for manufacturing. It is the fact that if you take a look onto sales order or production order you can see all the connected documents, you can see all the workflow, your status in the workflow, where are you, from one point.

So, on one screen, you need to have a big screen, but on the one screen you can see everything whatever is need for your everyday work. And what is the most impressive, what I have seen in the companies that uses RamBase in everyday work, is that on the production floor the guys have two boards in the work center. The one is with the tools like screwdrivers, drillers, or keys. And on the other is the big screen with RamBase. So, they are just all they need for everyday work. So that is really impressive that RamBase is available and helpful on each and every center on the production floor. Not only in the office.

RamBase - a system for manufacturing companies

Maria Olszańska: That’s really good. It supports not only the paperwork and the planning but also the real manufacturing and producing goods and items. But RamBase is accelerating on Polish market. As I mentioned before it was born in Norway. So, is the system prepared for Polish law, tax, and accounting requirements?

Paweł Prymakowski: I can say that together with system vendor we invested a lot of time to prepare the localization package that is not just minimal basic feature. But it covers also good practices and some optional functions that make the accounting work more efficient.

A system for manufacturing companies adapted to Polish requirements

We made use of our long experience in implementing the global systems in Poland. So, we could see what the shortages are sometimes comparing to the local solutions and we managed to create really good localization. We used our knowledge and experience in consulting the production and development of localization packages.

This is the common work of the Polish and Norwegian teams. And really good piece of collaboration, good piece of work in my opinion.  So, I’m sure the localization is really top-quality model even if its continuous work that still requires a lot of time or effort to be compliant and up to date to the changes that are implementing by our regulator and also are upcoming in the near future.

Odd Magne Vea: If I can add to that. We had customers in Poland for quite many years now. And we stared to develop this localization together with those customers. The big change here came when we also got IT Vision with us. To have this local experience implementing finance for a lot of Polish companies from before. And we could kind of take system further. Not being just the foreign system with some Polish functionality. But actually, performing like local Polish system. And together with IT Vision that has been, a lot of work has been put into it, and probably will be to put in the future as well to keep it updated. But that means that our goal is to kind of, to perform like a local Polish system on all of this issues.

Maria Olszańska: That’s great! So, we have for Polish customers Norwegian system, which is really prepared for Polish requirements. Which can be implemented in just 8 weeks and is the perfect fit for manufacturing because the manufacturing company was the first one for which RamBase was created. I hope that it will encourage manufacturing companies to get a little bit more interested in RamBase system to support their everyday work. Odd Magne, Paweł, I’m really glad that we had a chance to talk a little bit about the system. And thank you for your time and the interview.

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    New customer with RamBase system on IT Vision board!

    We are delighted to establish cooperation with a new custmer – Recomedic. We implement RamBase system for our new customer. Recomedic is a manufacturing and distribution company. It deals with the production of parts and entire assemblies used in various industrial processes, including rehabilitation and medicine. Parts manufactured by Recomedic are also used in other demanding fields. The company manufactures its products with care, making components with the accuracy of the smallest measures and weights.

    Recomedic – modern company with the highest standards

    New customer with RamBase system on IT Vision board!

    Recomedic is a modern company operating in many countries. It takes care of the extremely high quality of its goods, ensuring the best manufacturing standards. In addition, the company cares about its development, wanting to constantly improve its processes and products.

    It was the desire to be a modern company and streamline processes that made the company decide to implement a new management system. We believe that RamBase system that is ideally suited to manufacturing companies will help our customer – Recomedic achieve these goals.

    “Our existing system was intended for commercial companies, and from year to year we implement more and more advanced projects that require production planning, management of extensive BOM lists and inventory. We chose Hatteland’s innovative, cloud-based ERP RamBase system in the hope that it will facilitate us to efficiently manage our enterprise resources. The available RamBase system solutions are huge, and we are sure that our dynamic development will not be hampered by insufficient capabilities of the ERP system”
    – Damian Mącznik, President of Recomedic.

    New customer Recomedic, IT Vision i RamBase – perfect combination

    Thanks to the cooperation of Recomedic with IT Vision, and to the choice of the RamBase system, our customer will receive the implemented system this quarter. RamBase will support most of the processes that the company handles. With the Recomedic system, it will receive support for manufacturing, sales, purchases, storage, and financial management.

    “Recently, the ability to efficiently adapt to the market situation determines whether the company will develop and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Recomedic is a modern organization and people who impress with their care for customers and the highest quality of products. I am very pleased that The RamBase solution we provide will become a tool supporting the further development of Recomedic.”  
    – Paweł Prymakowski, CEO, IT Vision

    At IT Vision, we believe that the success of our customers is our success! Therefore, for over 20 years we have been implementing the highest quality solutions supporting the daily work of companies. We specialize in installing and adapting ERP systems and B2B platforms. Innovation, efficiency and high quality are the values that accompany us in cooperation with our customers.

    RamBase system

    The RamBase system is a solution that is ideal for improving the daily work of production companies and hi-tech industry. Because it was created as a solution for a production company, it perfectly meets the needs related to this industry. Additionally, its undoubted advantage is the quick implementation time. You can start working with the system after 8 weeks!

    “We are proud that Recomedic has become another RamBase Cloud ERP customer in Poland. We believe that thanks to our solution, Recomedic’s production will become even more effective, which will bring tangible financial results for the company”.
    – Jakub Polkowski, RamBase Partner Channel Executive Poland RamBase Cloud ERP

    We are glad that another company will use the RamBase system. We believe that the combination of the functionality of the system and the knowledge of IT Vision specialists will make Recomedic an even more innovative and competitive company!

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      Microsoft Dynamics 365 – new customer in the cloud

      We entered the new year with a new energy, starting the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a new customer – Santiss Group – in the cloud. We are especially pleased with this cooperation, because it is our first implementation which is fully based on cloud solutions.

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the full cloud

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 - new customer in the cloud

      Full cloud means that the entire system is installed in the cloud. Thanks to this, our new customer doesn’t need the equipment on which the system is located or data is stored. It’s all in the cloud. Users only need any device that can connect to the Internet to use the system.

      The advantage of the cloud solution is not only the attractive price. Which results from the lack of the need for hardware facilities and the predictable cost of maintaining the system. Cloud solutions from Microsoft also mean high quality data protection and security. It is Microsoft, as the creator of the system, responsible for the security of data stored in the cloud.

      New customer from manufacturing industry

      Our new customer, Santiss Group, is a company from the cosmetics, hygiene and household products’ industry. It delivers its products both to Poland and Europe. The quality of the products is important to Santiss Group. That is why the company manufactures its products in a modern production plant. Additionally, Santiss Group ensures safety at every stage of creation and production.

      As part of the cooperation, we will implement the ERP system in the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud. Thanks to the installation of the system, Santiss Group will receive support in the area of full planning, purchases, sales and storage. Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud will also support it in the order production, material requirements planning (MRP), and working with forecasts.

      Meet Dynamics 365 Business Central

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        Microsoft will put a billion dollars into the digital transformation plan for Poland

        The plan combines long-term investments. It assumes skills upgrading, strong local partnerships, support for digital transformation and the latest cloud technologies. All this to help realize the vision of the “Polish Digital Valley” and accelerate digitization and innovation for companies, government and citizens. Implementation of the plan will also be possible thanks to establishing a partnership with the Polish National Cloud, established by PKO BP and PFR.

        Higher class of services

        By creating a new Microsoft data center region in Poland as part of a global cloud for the ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises and the government will gain access to secure enterprise-class cloud services.

        The basis is a good plan


        The plan is based on Microsoft’s almost 30 years of experience in successful cooperation with Polish organizations and enterprises as well as with a network of over 6,000 local partners. The initiative lasts for another seven years. It combines extensive knowledge of digital transformation with a strong emphasis on improving the skills of local talent with the latest competences in the cloud to enable local organizations to drive and accelerate their digital transformation, increase competitiveness and promote employment opportunities in the market.

        Polish Digital Valley

        “I am proud to announce our $1 billion dollar investment in Poland’s continued digital transformation and the development of the ‘Polish Digital Valley.’ Today’s announcement builds on our nearly 30-year presence in the country. Microsoft’s global-scale cloud in Poland will allow an ever-wider use, faster implementation and more benefits to those public institutions and businesses in critical sectors along with Poland’s thriving start-up community. This investment will also provide strong support for the continued success of Poland’s developer talent pool and beyond, creating critical skilling and learning opportunities for an estimated 150,000 employees, partners and students. Our mission is to empower the people and organizations of Poland to achieve more,” said Jean-Phillippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

        Skills development program

        The skills development program will include training, e-learning programs, workshops and hackathons (programming marathons). Training includes cloud computing as well as development using artificial intelligence. They also apply to machine learning technology, big data and Internet of Things (IoT). As part of these activities, accessibility for people with disabilities is important to Microsoft. The implementation is to provide people with disabilities with access to technologies and tools that allow them to learn, inform and increase employment opportunities.

        Trusted global cloud from Microsoft

        The announced plan will help companies, startups and institutions use the potential of cloud computing. Moreover, the highest standards of cyber security, data residence and compliance will be maintained. In particular, those that have specific requirements for data storage and processing

        Access to the full set of services

        The new cloud datacenter region joins Microsoft’s global footprint of cloud regions, now totaling 59 regions announced, with Microsoft Azure available in over 140 countries, and will provide companies local access to Microsoft’s full set of cloud services, all built on a foundation of trust:

        Microsoft Azure

        An ever-expanding set of cloud services that offers computing, networking, databases, analytics, AI and IoT services.

        Microsoft 365

        The world’s productivity cloud that delivers best-of-breed productivity apps integrated through cloud services and delivered as part of an open platform for business processes.

        Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

        The next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of customers and capture new opportunities.

        Compliance, security and privacy

        Microsoft offers more than 90 certifications and spends $1 billion every year on cybersecurity to address security at every layer of the cloud. Microsoft’s Poland datacenter region will help companies comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will also help customers store data at rest in Poland.

        The creation of the “Polish Digital Valley” by Microsoft is a milestone in the technological development of Poland and the region.

        Meet the ERP system from Microsoft

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