ERP vendor – How is he weathering the crisis?

How well is your current ERP vendor weathering the crisis?

We have been in this worldwide COVID-19 crisis for almost a year now. Most of us have found our way through trial and error where others are still struggling. An interesting question is how well your current ERP vendor is doing. Do they benefit from the greatly increased demand for digitization? Or do they find it difficult to keep up with today’s fast innovation pace? An analysis.

Analysis – ERP vendor after a year of crisis

ERP vendor

If there’s one thing that we’ve all learned during this crisis, it is that IT keeps our society going. Whether it is working from home office, digital consultation with doctors or e-learning for our children. This is of course also the case with business applications. Companies all around the world are forced to make the most of their solutions. 

With that realization, the question arises how your vendors are doing these days. And how well they are weathering the crisis. After all, the success of your operation relies more and more on the support, strategy, financial performance, innovation and continuity of your ERP vendor.

Here’s a list of relevant questions that you use in the conversations with your vendors. Their answers will help you to get a better insight in their current position. And more importantly, in their ability to continue their support for your technology, business processes and performance in the near future.

List of questions for the ERP vendor

  • What was your total turnover in 2020? How does that compare to 2019?
  • What was your net income in 2020? How does that compare to 2019?
  • How many employees did you have by the end of 2020? How does that compare to 2019?
  • How many new customers did you win in 2020? How does that compare to 2019? 
  • How many customers did you have by the end of 2020? How does that compare to 2019?
  • What is your R&D budget for 2021, and what is the trend in your R&D expenses?
  • Do you have an up-to-date product roadmap – ideally a publicly accessible one?
  • Do you have a strategy to move from today’s single category ERP/CRM products towards a platform approach?

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    Company success with RamBase system

    Did you know that in Norway awards the smart industrial companies? The award is granted by representatives of the industry and the Siemens company. Why are we writing about it? Because Aarbakke AS, which uses the RamBase system, was in the final of the competition. One of the systems we offer to our customers. See the company success with RamBase system.

    Difficult road to success

    Company success with  RamBase system

    The history of Aarbakke AS is special. First, the company has traveled a long way in changing industries. Aarbakke started out as a horseshoe maker. However, the market was changing, the demand was falling. So, the company started producing equipment for the maritime industry. The company’s main products in recent years have been offshore drilling equipment and equipment that helps pump hydrocarbons from wells to land or ships.

    Restructuring and digitization guarantee success

    But the necessity to change things was not the end of Aarbakke’s difficult journey. A few years ago, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. This situation required bold steps. The company decided to restructure and digitize. The change, which lasted 3 years, was a success. Today, the company aims to become the greenest producer of the oil industry in the world within 5 years.

    Today, the company is achieving amazing results. The turnover in 2017 was 420 million Norwegian crowns, and in 2020 it was almost 1.1 billion.

    The RamBase system, which Aarbakke chose, definitely helped in its digitization. We believe that it was also thanks to RamBase that the company could reach for the nomination for the award. The CEO of Aarbakke, Inge-Brigt Aarbakke, explains that the RamBase architecture facilitates the use of all the needed functionalities from the very first day. He also emphasizes RamBase’s ability to easily connect with other systems, via the platform’s open APIs.

    Company success with RamBase Your company’s success is possible too!

    Aarbakke AS is a great example of success. Success requires change, sacrifice and support. However, with the right mindset and the support of proven tools such as RamBase, success and growth are possible.

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      Microsoft Inspire – news and the of 2020.

      Microsoft Inspire is 3 days of conferences devoted to Microsoft solutions. This year’s conference was unlike any other. First, it was entirely organized online. Of course, virtual meetings will never replace impressions from real meetings. However, thanks to the new formula, this year’s conference attracted more participants than any previous edition.

      For years, Microsoft has been developing solutions supporting remote work and migration of systems and applications to the cloud. In a difficult year, in which we all work remotely, much more than ever before, the speakers naturally focused on remote work and work mobility.

      Nick Parker, CVP in Microsoft, has summarized the most important numbers.

      The year 2020 is among others:

      • 4,1 billion Teams meeting minutes per day.
      • 75 million of daily active Teams users
      • 1 billion Windows monthly active devices
      • 134 million of enterprise mobility installed seats
      • 30% server products and cloud services revenue growth
      Microsoft Inspire

      All of this data shows that we are becoming more and more mobile. We are investing more to be able to work remotely – from any place, at any time.

      Microsoft Teams

      It is also worth to emphasize the great importance of Teams in remote work. Without this tool, it is difficult to imagine on-line meetings and mobile work. Microsoft Teams offers many opportunities for work, meetings, document sharing or presentations.

      Some companies may need additional Teams solutions. During Inspire, Microsoft announced that it will meet such needs. Microsoft announced the release of a new solution, which is Microsoft Dataflex. The platform allows anyone to easily create and implement applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

      Learn more about Microsoft Dataflex: CLIK HERE

      Cloud solutions

      Microsoft Inspire also puts a lot of weight on cloud solutions. Microsoft’s systems and applications are based on three main clouds – Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. All to offer intelligent solutions.

      microsoft inspire

      The speakers did not forget about Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, IoT, Power Platform and Power Apps solutions.

      Microsoft cares about its customers in these difficult times. It offers them solutions that help them meet the challenges of 2020 and develop their companies despite changes.

      “The new normal is now our normal.” Microsoft is doing everything possible to make it digital, cloud-based and customer-oriented and his customer-oriented.

      More about news from Microsoft Inspire soon on www.itvision.pl/en and LinkedIn

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        Dataflex – new application from Microsoft for Teams

        Microsoft Dataflex is an embedded platform with lowe code for Teams. It delivers a built-in, low-code data platform for Teams. It provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance. In addition, it offers quick implementation of solutions with one click.

        Microsoft Dataflex enables anyone to easily build and deploy applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

        Microsoft Dataflex

        Microsoft Dataflex is based on the Common Data Service. Common Data Service has added over 1,000 new features. It also introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. From now on it functions under a new name – Microsoft Dataflex Pro.

        Microsoft Teams and Power Platform allow users to easily create apps and bots right in Teams. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly respond to changing business needs and create custom solutions. With the addition of Microsoft Dataflex, Teams users now have key business data at their fingertips to build new apps that address real business problems—all without ever leaving Teams.

        The powerful combination of the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dataflex enables:

        • An integrated experience for your custom apps inside Teams
        • Quickly build and deploy apps and bots inside Teams
        • Easily share and administer custom solutions through Teams

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          Microsoft extends AI offer with computer vision!

          The role of image detection and recognition is constantly increasing. The use of computer vision improves the functioning of enterprises and helps them increase profits. With this technology, retailers can better manage their physical spaces, gaining a better understanding of customer behavior.


          Retailers can better manage store space by gaining a better understanding of customer behavior. Most salespeople do not have the right data to track the real behavior and actions of customers. This leads to a loss of cost management options and increased revenues.
          Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Store fills this gap. It uses computer vision, and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to better understand space. Thanks to this, it optimizes business operations and helps meet customer expectations thanks to real-time observation data.

          Image recognition features

          computer vision

          Image recognition features unlock the ability to better understand and manage e.g. store space. Microsoft is trying to simplify the process of customizing solutions for each unique space so as to optimize the company’s results. It also cares about the security and control of its own data. There is no need to share information with Microsoft or other providers.

          To improve the quality of computer vision analysis, Microsoft took over Orions Systems. It is a pioneer in the development of large-scale, hybrid, intelligent vision systems. The systems are focused on machine learning “in the loop” in conjunction with services that can be adapted to the operation of one device or to scale to support large-scale network topology.

          Orions Systems has a good reputation and leading technology for companies that want to collect and analyze high-value data, especially in video content and images. The acquisition brings additional technologies to Microsoft solutions. Technologies will allow solutions such as Dynamics 365 Connected Store and Microsoft Power Platform to offer retailers and other entrepreneurs a new way to build and train their own artificial intelligence models to customize and optimize the way they learn from their physical space.

          This additional set of tools will work well in scenarios that go beyond what is currently offered as standard in the system. It can adapt to the truly unique dimensions and needs of their physical spaces.

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            Get to know the best rated ERP systems by users!

            The ranking of the best ERP systems takes into account the level of user satisfaction with the entire system and its individual functional areas. Importantly, the review shows the level of satisfaction of real users from the use of systems. Thanks to this approach to the ranking, we can see which solutions work best in enterprises.

            Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking

            Once again, we are pleased with the high results of ERP systems that we offer to our costomers. Among the leaders of the “magic quadrant” there were also Microsoft Dynamics solutions or the NetSuite system.

            Microsoft solution collects major awards in almost all categories. Importantly, he also did not collect any negative feedback. The overall level of satisfaction is very high.

            As many as 84% of users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations recommend their ERP system. It is also worth noting that in the ranking another solution offered by IT Vision – Oracle NetSuite is well placed.

            Overall summary

            In the overall summary of resource management systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ranks 1st. Also on the top is the solution from Oracle, NetSuite, in 4th place. This category takes into account the result of satisfaction, which consists of: Net Emotional Footprint, supplier capabilities, product features and probability of recommendation. The net emotional footprint measures the user’s emotional response ratings (e.g., reliable, respectful, honest).

            Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking


            In terms of capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics system provider, it also ranks first. The table below shows the level of satisfaction of system users from various areas of system functionality. Importantly, the NetSuite system is also high on the list.

            Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking

            What is more…

            Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leader in most rated categories. It is best rated in terms of the quality of required and standard system functions. It is also appreciated when it comes to:

            • creating business value,
            • range and quality of functions,
            • product strategy and pace of improvement,
            • usability and intuitiveness of use,
            • ease of customization,
            • ease of implementation.

            Oracle’s NetSuite system also scores very well in these categories.

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              Source: https://www.softwarereviews.com/

              Lego blocks and robots encourage to work at IT Vision

              Where should you look for job? What industry choose? How to write a good CV? Answers to those and other questions got participants od 17. jobs fairs organized by UEK. Fairs give a chance to see actual work offers, talks with employers about getting hire, and let you hear great presentations carried out by a specialist.


              In more than 60 exhibitors IT Visions exposition was consider most interesting. Company showed simulation of service of production and warehouse processes of company, standing out from the rest with original and visible example how work in company translate in using those systems in practice

              „I really like your exposition. Lego blocks and robots are something what is always getting attention”

              Patryk, fairs participant

              With using of Lego blocks we showed to fairs participants how we use our systems to service the production factory warehouse – receipting of goods, storage, release from production, unloading, all from level of ERP system installed on mobile.

              The fairs were dedicated to young people who are standing in front of big decision – choosing path of their careers. During 6 hours of intensive work we showed that working with us relates to interesting tasks and gives a chance to get to know technologies and business from different industries and areas both inside and outside the country.

              We have talk with participants not only about possible paths of their careers, but we were also encouraging them to taking paid internships and working in IT Vision. We were also supporting them with creating their CVs, pointing at what future employer may pay attention at.

              We are really glad that young people are interesting in working with IT Vision. We encourage all people who wants to cooperate with us to share your CV. You can do it by sending an e-mail at praca@itvision.pl 

              Learn more about working in IT Vision

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