Dynamics NAV – Microsoft promises system support

From 2016 Dynamics NAV and Navision are no longer Microsoft’s flagship solutions for the medium-sized enterprise sector. On-premise solutions have been replaced by Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is based on the cloud. It is a solid cloud solution for small and medium-sized companies. After the appearance of Business Central on the market, many NAV customers are wondering what future waits for their system. And whether they can count on support from the supplier. And from implementation partners. The answer is simple: Dynamics NAV will continue to be supported by Microsoft. This information was confirmed by Mike Morton, general manager of Dynamics NAV and D365 Business Central at Microsoft Corp.

Dynamics NAV and Navision

ERP and CRM systems are long-term investments

It is obvious that investments in management systems or business software are long-term investments. Companies do bear the large costs to use the ERP or CRM system for several weeks or months. That’s why it’s so important to know that the solution you’re investing in will be supported in the future. When making an investment, you want to be sure that you will receive the support you need.

The most important information on Dynamics NAV

We summarize the most important information about Dynamics NAV. We also present a scenario of transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Which is a great continuation for NAV or Navision.

Dynamics NAV highlights from Mike Morton:

  • “Microsoft is publishing an overview of the support and lifecycle policies on all her products including Dynamics NAV on an ongoing basis. You can find that information here: Microsoft Lifecycle Policy | Microsoft Docs
  • “Microsoft is committed to continue the support on Dynamics NAV, to continue with new releases and to keep these products on the roadmap for as long as we can foresee. There is no secret plan to stop releasing new on-premise versions”
  • “We want to align our on-premise product and our cloud product as much as possible, but there will also be innovations that are cloud only. An example is the integration with Teams, that is only part of the cloud offering and not of the on-premise offering“
  • “We expect that the vast majority of innovation and the new capabilities will be at the cloud product. So we do want to encourage every Dynamics NAV customer to migrate to Business Central. We believe that the cloud product gives the best experience for our customers and is the most cost-effective scenario in the long term”   
Dynamics NAV and Navision

Dynamics NAV – update or migration to Business Central?

The good news for NAV/Navison customers is that support will continue. Microsoft also plans to release new versions. However, if you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s innovations, consider migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central. On this solution for the SME sector Microsoft focuses its activities. And here it creates the most of new solutions and innovations. So, if you use Dynamics NAV, it is worth preparing a migration scenario to Dynamics 365.

If you’re using NAV and you’re not ready to migrate to yet, it’s worth updating system to latest version. Thanks to this, you will provide yourself with support for the coming years.

IT Vision offers Dynamics solutions in various scenarios, tailored to the needs and expectations of customers:

  • On-premise – based on the customer’s own infrastructure;
  • Hybrid – ERP installation in the same version as on-premise, but based on IaaS – infrastructure in the cloud – e.g. Microsoft Azure;
  • Cloud – Dynamics fully in the cloud model.

We also have prepared solutions supporting the migration of older versions of ERP systems to modern Cloud ERP solutions.

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    ERP and CRM system – rearview mirror or a periscope?

    The role of ERP and CRM systems is shifting. Traditionally, the emphasis was on improving the internal efficiency. With separated systems per department, business unit and/or subsidiary. While that may be practical for these entities, it didn’t really help to create an accurate overview. Since it showed what happened in the near past – not in the near future. In today’s fast changing markets, companies must use integrated business software to manage their entire business in a pro-active way. So if your current ERP and CRM system still function as a rearview mirror, you’d better exchange it for a periscope!

    ERP and CRM – the key is to connect the entire company

    Anyone who has to draw their information from sub-systems that are not (wholly) connected and also communicate moderately with each other must work hard to arrive at relevant steering information. And that is exactly the process that is taking place in many companies at the moment! In the process of compiling management information, these companies have to perform many repetitive actions every month. Which, as a result, requires a lot of processing time and avoidable costs.

    ERP and CRM system - rearview mirror or a periscope?

    Let’s take a project. For a healthy project result, it is important to monitor costs tightly. So you can intervene if the costs are out of step with the progress. But that requires up-to-date information all the time! After all, anyone who only finds out afterwards that action should have been taken is too late. Anyone who relies on outdated information for the controls of your company watches a rearview mirror all the time. And so can wait for accidents! After all, both opportunities and problems come to light too late.

    ERP and CRM system in a company should be like a periscope

    Fortunately – modern, innovative and well-integrated ERP systems are available today. Tailored to your industry, affordable and relatively easily adaptable. These solutions take care of the transactions at the operational level for you. But also help you with up-to-date steering information. In addition, you save on administrative operations, which already contributes directly to a better margin.

    You may be interested in:

    Are you currently automated based on island solutions? Then the choice of such a modern solution means replacing your rearview mirror with a periscope. One that can look backwards and forwards as desired. And which also displays the current position of your company at any time. This improved view is sure to help your business move forward!

    Meet Power BI – a tool for advanced data analysis:

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      IT Vision and Engave cooperation

      For over 20 years, IT Vision has been involved in improving the work of enterprises by implementing ERP, CRM systems and Business Intelligence solutions. IT Vision makes sure that its customers enjoy high-quality products and professional service. The company cooperates with industry leaders, especially in production, distribution and professional services. IT Vision employees constantly increase their competences, thanks to which they implement the latest solutions for their customers.

      IT Vision and Engave cooperation

      Engave specializes in the digital transformation of companies. It helps them to grow, to become more competitive. The company provides strategic technology consulting services and implements IT tools and solutions.

      Establishing cooperation between Engave and IT Vision is not only about increasing the competences of employees of both companies and extending the offer for their clients. Thanks to the cooperation, the companies will jointly implement modern projects, increasing the potential of customers and improving their work.

      The cooperation between IT Vision and Engave will not only allow for joint implementation of projects, but also provide even better customer service. Thanks to the established partnership, customers will have access to the offer with a wide range of high-quality services.

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        New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

        Microsoft has announced new Microsoft Dynamics functionalities that will be available in 2021. During the first release this year, Microsoft is implementing functionalities that will enable companies to transform. As part of the update, many new features will be released in Dynamics 365 applications. Including: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Commerce, and many more.

        The next release of the functionalities by Microsoft confirms again that the producer is trying to make its system adjusted to the expectations of customers and to the changing reality.

        New Microsoft Dynamics Business Central functionalities

        New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

        New funtionalities in Business Central are largely focused on making the user’s work easier. In addition, Microsoft improves the performance, usability and functions of the prints. Among others, it also supports user productivity through changes made to the General Ledger. Microsoft also improves the cooperation between Business Central and Microsoft Teams and improves additions to Excel and Outlook.

        Editing Dimensions in Posted Entries in GL

        Microsoft will provide a tool that allows you to correct dimensions for general ledger entries. As a result, the financial report provides an accurate insight into the data. No need to note down temporary input errors. For one or more entries in the general ledger, you can change dimension values, add dimensions, or delete them.

        Universal Print Support – Print from any device

        Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 service that modernizes, and streamlines print management and provides simple and uncomplicated printing. It allows, in the cloud version, to easily print documents from a tablet or smartphone. You can send documents and reports to any printer defined in the Universal Print management page.

        View contact details from Microsoft Teams

        Now in Business Central you can manage contacts and their sharing even more efficiently. The solution, among others, facilitates the work of sales and operational departments. Through seamless connections with vendors, customers and others in Microsoft Teams. With quick access to business contacts from Microsoft Teams, users don’t have to switch applications for simple searches and can view details entirely in Microsoft Teams.

        Information about inventory from Dynamics 356 Sales

        Dynamics 365 Sales supports you in your customer relations. However, sales orders are processed in the Business Central system. This is where the stock availability is recorded. From the point of view of sales, this is extremely important information. It is the inventory level, among others, that suggests if the order can be fulfilled.

        New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

        Thanks to Business Central synchronization, you get a preview of inventory availability in Dynamics 365 Sales. Importantly, every stock change is also visible. When users enter sales order lines in Dynamics 365 Sales, the available quantity on the sales order will contain information on available inventory from Business Central.

        Local versions available – Greece, Romania, Turkey, India

        Microsoft is constantly increasing the range of its solutions by offering new local versions of the system. In 2021, he announced the availability of new national versions for Greece, Romania, Turkey and India.

        Improvements in the user interface

        In Business Central, the user interface is also being improved all the time. This makes it even more accessible and legible for the user.

        Summary – New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities

        Above, we have listed only the most interesting and important new functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The current release is, however, many more changes not only in the Business Central system itself, but in all Microsoft solutions.

        The next release of improvements in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, including Business Central, shows how important for Microsoft is user comfort and system development. This is good news for people using Microsoft solutions or those who are just planning to implement this system. This proves that the system is and will be developed in the future and will not require changing to another solution.

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          ERP and CRM systems – distributed and platform approach

          In a traditional approach, many installed solutions meet IT needs. They often operate independently, and support given areas by performing specific functions. The company has various solutions, including ERP and CRM systems. This approach to systems works well only in a situation where the employee uses only one of the subsystems in his work. However, the reality is usually different. One person uses several solutions. This approach causes problems not only for employees. It also has a negative impact on contact with the client.

          In recent years, many companies have decided to install ERP and CRM systems. Some larger companies have even installed multiple ERP and CRM systems – by department, country or industry. Some systems were taken over as a result of mergers or acquisitions.

          ERP and CRM systems should communicate with each other

          ERP and CRM systems - distributed and platform approach

          ERP systems support back-end processes. On the other hand, CRM solutions are dedicated to front-end processes focusing on building relationships with customers. Often, the compatibility between these processes and systems is insufficient and negatively affects the quality of work. Not only your employees (who have to work with different solutions, interfaces, logics). The lack of cooperation between the systems also affects relations with customers, current and the future ones. Your two systems are like two hands and one has no idea what the other is doing! Your customers will notice it!

          The described situation doesn’t only apply to ERP and CRM systems. It is important to integrate not only these two solutions. But also, all office tools, point-of-sale systems, document management and an online store. These are just a few examples of solutions that should be integrated with each other.

          What might concern you is that customers are becoming more and more cautious about data processing these days. However, we can assure you that they don’t pay attention to whether you are processing data in a CRM or ERP system. They care about the security of this data. And that you provide them with the highest quality product or service, with excellent support and “hassle-free experience”.

          The platform approach supports the company’s success – ERP and CRM systems

          If you want to achieve success in digital transformation, and you want your business to become a customer-oriented enterprise, you should move away from distributed systems. The platform approach to management systems will be much better. This approach is possible with the installation of Microsoft solutions. All systems, tools and extensions communicate perfectly with each other. Thanks to this, you will not only improve the quality of customer service. You will also improve the daily work of employees. It will take your business to a new, higher level.  

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            Microsoft Inspire – news and the of 2020.

            Microsoft Inspire is 3 days of conferences devoted to Microsoft solutions. This year’s conference was unlike any other. First, it was entirely organized online. Of course, virtual meetings will never replace impressions from real meetings. However, thanks to the new formula, this year’s conference attracted more participants than any previous edition.

            For years, Microsoft has been developing solutions supporting remote work and migration of systems and applications to the cloud. In a difficult year, in which we all work remotely, much more than ever before, the speakers naturally focused on remote work and work mobility.

            Nick Parker, CVP in Microsoft, has summarized the most important numbers.

            The year 2020 is among others:

            • 4,1 billion Teams meeting minutes per day.
            • 75 million of daily active Teams users
            • 1 billion Windows monthly active devices
            • 134 million of enterprise mobility installed seats
            • 30% server products and cloud services revenue growth
            Microsoft Inspire

            All of this data shows that we are becoming more and more mobile. We are investing more to be able to work remotely – from any place, at any time.

            Microsoft Teams

            It is also worth to emphasize the great importance of Teams in remote work. Without this tool, it is difficult to imagine on-line meetings and mobile work. Microsoft Teams offers many opportunities for work, meetings, document sharing or presentations.

            Some companies may need additional Teams solutions. During Inspire, Microsoft announced that it will meet such needs. Microsoft announced the release of a new solution, which is Microsoft Dataflex. The platform allows anyone to easily create and implement applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

            Learn more about Microsoft Dataflex: CLIK HERE

            Cloud solutions

            Microsoft Inspire also puts a lot of weight on cloud solutions. Microsoft’s systems and applications are based on three main clouds – Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. All to offer intelligent solutions.

            microsoft inspire

            The speakers did not forget about Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, IoT, Power Platform and Power Apps solutions.

            Microsoft cares about its customers in these difficult times. It offers them solutions that help them meet the challenges of 2020 and develop their companies despite changes.

            “The new normal is now our normal.” Microsoft is doing everything possible to make it digital, cloud-based and customer-oriented and his customer-oriented.

            More about news from Microsoft Inspire soon on www.itvision.pl/en and LinkedIn

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