Integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics

In your everyday work you most likely use Microsoft solutions. Office 365 programs are no stranger to you. You know Word or Excel. You use chats and conversations on Temas. Office 365 are the most basic tools for office work. But did you know that when combined with Dynamics 365 management systems, the capabilities and importance of Office products increase? Find out what the integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics 365 solutions gives.,

integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics

Combining Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics 365 management systems extends the possibilities and functionalities of your solutions. Both the Office suite and the management systems. Thanks to it, you can work even better by using additional functions.

Integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics applies to:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Share Point
  • One Note
  • Teams

Combining Office 365 solutions with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system does not only improve everyday work. It is also an extension of the functionality of the Dynamics system. Office 365 extends both Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales and all other solutions from the Dynamics 365 family.

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    The Envision Forum

    The Envision Forum is behind us. During this year’s forum speakers talked about digital transformation and about the progress of Polish companies in this process. Many of the discussions focused on security, digital competences, and the importance of artificial intelligence.

    The Envision Forum

    Among the speakers there were, among others:

    • Brad Smith – President, Microsoft
    • Mark Loughran – General Manager Microsoft w Polsce
    • Jean-Philippe Courtois – Executive Vice President, Microsoft
    • Jared Spataro – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
    • Charles Lamanna – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
    • James Eckart – Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft


    One of the main topic was digitalization. This process has affected most companies and employees over the past year. However, it has been a trend among developing companies for years and we will be still observing it. The digital nature of companies and their solutions is a key factor to success.

    At this year’s Envision forum, we learned about the history of many companies: Link4, CCC, Rossman, PKO BP, Żabka and Budimex. This diverse catalog of companies using Microsoft 365 or Teams solutions shows that digital solutions support organizations regardless of the industry in which they are implemented.

    Appropriate competences

    Representatives of those companies emphasized that not only buying new technologies is important. The most important are the appropriate competences that allow us to use this technology properly. An example of focusing on competences is also the Power Platform solution, which, using low-code, allows you to create appropriate solutions without knowing any coding.


    Speakers also focused on solutions and data security. It is automatically provided by the Microsoft cloud and additional solutions offered by the company. Microsoft spends over a billion dollars a year on issues related to increasing the security of its products.

    James Eckart, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft, while speaking about cloud solution said that “in the Cloud only the sky is the limit”. With those words he emphasized how important is to implement solutions in the cloud. Cloud is not only secure but enables easy scaling and adding new solutions which is crucial for companies which want to develop. Not only businesses, but also the reality is changing very dynamically. This is why the ability to scale your systems is so important.

    James Eckart also emphasized that the observed movement from point applications to platform solutions that allow for quick and safe actions is very important.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence will play a bigger, and bigger part in the world. Work is already underway on the use of AI in road traffic regulation or in the management of planting and harvesting.

    Microsoft Teams

    Companies whose stories we saw at the conference emphasize the meaning of Teams application. But in approach to Teams is important to see it as a comprehensive tool, a company working model, not to see it just as a messenger.  As the LOTOS Group has shown, advanced security and cooperation capabilities allow for remote work even with sensitive documents that require special security procedures.

    As Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, says our work didn’t move to home office. It moved to the cloud. Even if we return to companies full-time, to our locations, our work will remain in the cloud. It is worth remembering when implementing new solutions.

    Envision Forum


    At the conference, participants also talk about an increasingly important customer-centricity. Because approach to running business has changed. Now we shouldn’t be focused on our products or services. But we should focus on meeting the customer’s needs and experiences. Customer’s needs should be the trigger for our changes. Then should we focus on increasing competitiveness, innovation, and digital competences. However, we should remember that the customer’s needs are the starting point for this process.


    Most companies in Poland are aware of the importance of digital transformation. For it is not only a chance for development, but even a necessity. However, Polish companies present a very different speed of digitization. It should be remembered that digitization is not about improving systems or approaches. But it is about creating a new business and a new approach. Unfortunately, many companies still forget about it. Similarly, they should remember that the digitization process is about creating new processes, and not transferring analog processes to the cloud.

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      ERP and CRM systems – distributed and platform approach

      In a traditional approach, many installed solutions meet IT needs. They often operate independently, and support given areas by performing specific functions. The company has various solutions, including ERP and CRM systems. This approach to systems works well only in a situation where the employee uses only one of the subsystems in his work. However, the reality is usually different. One person uses several solutions. This approach causes problems not only for employees. It also has a negative impact on contact with the client.

      In recent years, many companies have decided to install ERP and CRM systems. Some larger companies have even installed multiple ERP and CRM systems – by department, country or industry. Some systems were taken over as a result of mergers or acquisitions.

      ERP and CRM systems should communicate with each other

      ERP and CRM systems - distributed and platform approach

      ERP systems support back-end processes. On the other hand, CRM solutions are dedicated to front-end processes focusing on building relationships with customers. Often, the compatibility between these processes and systems is insufficient and negatively affects the quality of work. Not only your employees (who have to work with different solutions, interfaces, logics). The lack of cooperation between the systems also affects relations with customers, current and the future ones. Your two systems are like two hands and one has no idea what the other is doing! Your customers will notice it!

      The described situation doesn’t only apply to ERP and CRM systems. It is important to integrate not only these two solutions. But also, all office tools, point-of-sale systems, document management and an online store. These are just a few examples of solutions that should be integrated with each other.

      What might concern you is that customers are becoming more and more cautious about data processing these days. However, we can assure you that they don’t pay attention to whether you are processing data in a CRM or ERP system. They care about the security of this data. And that you provide them with the highest quality product or service, with excellent support and “hassle-free experience”.

      The platform approach supports the company’s success – ERP and CRM systems

      If you want to achieve success in digital transformation, and you want your business to become a customer-oriented enterprise, you should move away from distributed systems. The platform approach to management systems will be much better. This approach is possible with the installation of Microsoft solutions. All systems, tools and extensions communicate perfectly with each other. Thanks to this, you will not only improve the quality of customer service. You will also improve the daily work of employees. It will take your business to a new, higher level.  

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        Dataflex – new application from Microsoft for Teams

        Microsoft Dataflex is an embedded platform with lowe code for Teams. It delivers a built-in, low-code data platform for Teams. It provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance. In addition, it offers quick implementation of solutions with one click.

        Microsoft Dataflex enables anyone to easily build and deploy applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

        Microsoft Dataflex

        Microsoft Dataflex is based on the Common Data Service. Common Data Service has added over 1,000 new features. It also introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. From now on it functions under a new name – Microsoft Dataflex Pro.

        Microsoft Teams and Power Platform allow users to easily create apps and bots right in Teams. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly respond to changing business needs and create custom solutions. With the addition of Microsoft Dataflex, Teams users now have key business data at their fingertips to build new apps that address real business problems—all without ever leaving Teams.

        The powerful combination of the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dataflex enables:

        • An integrated experience for your custom apps inside Teams
        • Quickly build and deploy apps and bots inside Teams
        • Easily share and administer custom solutions through Teams

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