Sales and orders

NetSuite accelerates the process from sales and orders to payments. System is responsible for linking sales, finances and execution to prices, sales order management and returns. NetSuite also makes it possible to optimally determine the date and location of the shipment. It allows to reduce its costs by sending orders from the location closest to the customer.

Sales and orders NetSuite

The system supports price optimization and promotion management, allows for efficient supply chain management. NetSuite also supports cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Sales and orders – the main advantages and functionalities of NetSuite

Sales and orders NetSuite
  • Multi-channel price management,
  • Real-time price updates,
  • Many price levels and currencies,
  • Automated price update
  • Centralized promotion management,
  • Creating and maintaining promotional codes,
  • Automated calculation of discounts,
  • Defining, executing and supporting supply chain and distribution management plans,
  • Supply chain control tower,
  • Forecast inventories with any demand or supply,
  • Demand and supply management,
  • Balancing supply and demand,
  • Purchase order management,
  • Orders for a combination of inventory, expenses and services,
  • Reminders about expected deliveries,
  • Order transfer management,
  • Work order management,
  • The same level of information about the production process regardless of the location of production,
  • Pre-Defined Portals – portals for customers and suppliers.

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    Price optimization and promotion management

    Omni-channel Pricing Management

    The solution allows pricing and its management to ensure consistency and accuracy across all channels. The system automatically matches accurate price for the customer and all actualizations are implemented in real-time.

    Multiple Price Levels and Currencies

    NetSuite allows to easily create and maintain price levels with many quantitative divisions defined a goods level. Every price level can be set by default (with a discount or markup to the base price) and replaced if needed. If your company sales goods abroad, you can define prices in every currency to get full control over your international price strategy.  

    Automated Pricing Updates with Rounding

    The system allows you to easily make changes to the price structure. NetSuite provides simple tools to update which guide the user through the process identification of products which requires a revaluation, application of increases, reductions (percentage or price). The solution enables to set rounding rules and gives access to preview changes before applying them.

    Centralized promotion management

    NetSuite allows to quickly and easily create and maintain promotional codes that can be used through opportunities, offers and orders. Promotional codes can be used automatically regardless of the source order to provide consistent price control through e-commerce, integrated shopping carts and marketing campaigns. The module allows to automate the calculation of discounts and eliminates manual input of data and related errors.

    Supply chain management - Planning

    Supply Chain Control Tower

    The module summarizes the current and future position of inventories in the entire global supply chain. It enables display of forecast inventory with any given demand or supply which have influence of them in a given time horizon and in the whole supply chain. This makes it easier to identify potential problems.

    Demand management

    The module offers few ways to calculate and forecast demand based on historical demand, open possibilities or manually added/imported sales forecasts. Regardless the type and basis of generated forecast the solution allows to review and edit forecast demand before proceeding with delivery planning. It allows to set the system to create demand based on sales forecasts.

    Supply management

    Demand management controls processing of demand and supply balancing. After analyzing demand trends and creating a plan, the system generates purchase, work and transfer orders based on the items

    Supply chain management - Execution

    Purchase order management

    Creating and managing purchase orders is one of the simplest aspects of the system. Purchase order screen is the mail place here the user monitors the list of items to be completed, regardless of whether they are generated from the delivery planning process, general purchase orders or reorder point parameters. NetSuite allows to order combination of inventory, expenses and services in the same order. If there is a purchase contract the appropriate prices will be applied automatically. The solution allows you to customize your reminders to let you know when orders are expected to be received. Simple lists in NetSuite help to automate and speed up the order management process.

    Transfer Order Management

    NetSuite allows to transfer orders between yours company localization what has hey impact on creating efficient supply chain. You can create orders manually, but the system offers distribution network functionality which automatically transfer necessary orders to be carried out in another location between enterprises without additional effort.

    Work Order Management

    Location Irrelevance is the essence of supply chain management in NetSuite. The goal of the solution is to ensure the same level of information about the process regardless localization of the production. Work orders are created and managed using the planning engine in all locations and branches ensuring consistency and accuracy. If needed you can get real-time actualization trough MES cloud.

    Cooperation with suppliers

    Access in any time and place

    The system is 100% cloud-based and available through any browser on any device. This solution is the foundation of the platform of NetSuite supply chain. It allows for quick and easy establishment, running and liquidation of companies, warehouses and contract producers in any country or region. It also provides security, giving you full control over what and when each user sees.

    Pre-Defined Portals

    NetSuite is factory-equipped with pre-configured and easy-to-use customer and supplier portals that you can activate when needed. When turned on the user sees only information that is relevant to him, which provides a quick and easy way of communication.