Quality management

As part of taking care of the highest quality of goods and services in the company, corrective and preventive actions are carried out and the complaint and returns process is handled. RamBase supports the entire area these company’s operations by providing additional quality statistics. With the quality management system in your company can be significantly improved.

While taking care of the highest quality of goods and services, RamBase offers a module for procedures in which both corrective and preventive actions are carried out to fix the current situation (in addition to preventing repetition of such situations in the future).

Quality management in RamBase

The function of returning goods in integrated with every aspect of RamBase which concerns deliveries. To get a quality overview for a given period, the quality management module generates reports with return statistics.

Quality management tasks supported by RamBase:

  • Corrective and preventive actions.
  • Complaints and returns. The system allows to create complaints and returns documents which are registered in a dedicated file. The system supports complaints flow monitoring (complaints and returns are determined in the workflow where problems are checked). If proceed complain/return has an influence on account values RamBase also considers changes in settlements.
  • Statistics. RamBase creates reports with detailed data for the entire quality management process. They may contain different types of data at many levels of detail

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