Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The current IT tools are lagging behind development of your company? Are you struggling with lack of control over particular company activities? Do you need a solution tailored to your individual need?

If you answered at least one of these questions positively than we have a solution for you – the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system which will help you integrate all areas in one place:

Finance Payments Fixed assets
Production Supply chain Controlling and budgeting (Business Intelligence)
Customer relations (CRM) Service Projects

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV once entered data will be visible in the entire system for authorized users. Imagine a sales representative visiting a client placing an order into the system with the use of a mobile device and at the very same time the order is visible for the production department. Adequate modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV help managing production, sales and distribution processes.

MS Dynamics NAV will help you manage your company processes regardless of sector or trade you operate in. Flexibility of the system allows to adjust its functionality to your specific needs giving you thus a tailored tool!

Are you afraid that the system will get out dated at some point? There is no need to worry – modular structure of MS Dynamics NAV allows you to expand functionality together with the growth of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a tested solution recognized all over the world – join over 1 000 000 of satisfied clients and choose NAV!

Intuitive interface and environment familiar to Microsoft users will help your employees learn to use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system in a flash.

With MS Dynamics NAV you will leave your competitors far behind thanks to:

  • Your employees getting access to information, processes and tools they need to work fast and effectively.
  • Due to technological innovations you can combine various systems easier – exchanging data with trading partners is now easier than ever what contributes to strengthening relations.
  • Lesser needs to customize software help reduce complexity and operating costs.
  • Possibility to integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with other programs used in the company allows to improve processes and boost productivity.


Are you in high-tech sector? Has service got a great position in your offer?

SITE is designed for companies that provide a combination of goods, services, and maintenance and support agreements. This mixture is found in many industries, but we had IT and high-tech enterprises particularly in mind when we worked out the specifics of the solution.

SITE – an acronym for Solution for IT Enterprises is fully integrated into Dynamics NAV. 

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