IT Vision and Engave cooperation

For over 20 years, IT Vision has been involved in improving the work of enterprises by implementing ERP, CRM systems and Business Intelligence solutions. IT Vision makes sure that its customers enjoy high-quality products and professional service. The company cooperates with industry leaders, especially in production, distribution and professional services. IT Vision employees constantly increase their competences, thanks to which they implement the latest solutions for their customers.

IT Vision and Engave cooperation

Engave specializes in the digital transformation of companies. It helps them to grow, to become more competitive. The company provides strategic technology consulting services and implements IT tools and solutions.

Establishing cooperation between Engave and IT Vision is not only about increasing the competences of employees of both companies and extending the offer for their clients. Thanks to the cooperation, the companies will jointly implement modern projects, increasing the potential of customers and improving their work.

The cooperation between IT Vision and Engave will not only allow for joint implementation of projects, but also provide even better customer service. Thanks to the established partnership, customers will have access to the offer with a wide range of high-quality services.

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    How to carry out digital transformation effectively?

    How to carry out digital transformation effectively? There are some tips for CEO and managers which will help you to end your digital transformation with success.

    How to carry out digital transformation

    The market is changing

    The market is changing with or without you. Regardless of whether your company is part of this change or not. If you want to fit to the changes, trends, and customer expectations you should bring your company into the digital era and bring changes to your company.

    Essential points for successful digital transformation

    During this year Microsoft Directions conference Guus Krabbenborg CEO of Dynamics and More presented the five most important lessons about digital transformation that every CEO needs to learn. Guss pointed out the most important points that are necessary to successfully complete the digital transformation of the company.

    The transformation affects all employees

    When conducting digital transformation, it should be remembered that it will affect all employees. Both the lowest and the highest level. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know why the company is changing. Everyone must understand them. If employees know the answer to the question “why”, it will be easier for them to actively participate in the transformation and be positive towards it.

    Select a responsible person

    It’s worth to select one responsible person to supervise the transformation. Thanks to this one person is responsible for the project – its success or failure. This arrangement makes success more likely.

    It is a customer market

    How to carry out digital transformation

    The market has changed and it’s customer market. He has the power and rules. This is because the markets are transparent, company data and offers are easily accessible and it is the customer who decides what to do. And with whom to make a deal. Plus, in a digital, shrunken world, it’s easy for customers to switch partners. That’s why you need to put the customer and his satisfaction first. You also need to offer added value to your customers. This is very important.

    How to carry out digital transformation - processes

    Streamline your processes and change the way you think

    When carrying out a transformation, it is worth paying attention to the processes in the company. They are often confusing and complicated. They need to be streamlined and more agile. Often employees do not think about changing processes because they are used to them. However, if we want to implement a new system, we need to create new habits and processes. Importantly, first you need to improve the processes and then change the system. Don’t forget to start change with yourself!

    Changes aren’t simple but are important

    How to carry out digital transformation

    Changes aren’t simple but are important. The whole transformation is really relevant. You should know if the project will bring value to the company, employees and customers. Value is more important than system functionalities or customization.

    How to carry out digital transformation?

    Here are the top 5 lessons every CEO should remember when doing digitization:

    1. Digital transformation is not an IT project
    2. Explain the „why” behind the project
    3. Everything revolves around the customer
    4. Change the company and mindset
    5. Show that you are a leader.

    Now you know the key to successfully completing a key transformation. All that’s left for you to do is choose the right system and start the transformation!

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      Tech Talks Summit 2020, the largest Technological Conference in Poland

      The conference was focusing on 3 Microsoft clouds and project management:

      • Microsoft Azure. The role of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. The path also focused on technology-based tools and how they support companies in their day-to-day operations.
      • Microsoft Dynamics 365. Sessions concerned customer relationship management in times of social distance. Issues related to efficient digitization of management processes and quick response to changes were also raised. There were also discussed solutions based on the no-code / low-code platform – that is the environment for creating IT solutions that does not require specialized programming knowledge.
      • Microsoft 365. In this block, Microsoft speakers focused on remote work, changes in enterprises and building business scenarios. All based on the Microsoft Teams solution.
      • Projects. The fourth thematic path focused on projects and project portfolio management.

      The speakers emphasized that in recent years Central and Eastern Europe has become a direction in which Microsoft invests more and more physical resources and knowledge. A great example is the largest technological investment in the history of Poland. Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in creating the Digital Poland Valley

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      Polish Digital Valley is becoming a reality

      One of the main speakers at the conference was Jean Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

      Microsoft remote work

       „Poland is a remarkable country, with an opportunity to become the digital heart of Europe. The amount of IT talent, its thriving start-up community and the rapid transformation of established business are key indicators that the Polish Digital Valley is becoming a reality emphasizes J.P. Courtois

      5 patterns for success

      J.P. Courtois showed 5 patterns, which are crucial for the future of business. They are:

      1. Remote everywhere
      2. Digital everything
      3. Empowering first line workforce
      4. Accelerated digital transformation
      5. National digital empowerment plan
      Microsoft remote work

      Adaptation to the new reality in the age of the COVID-19 epidemic is necessary to maintain an efficient company. However, it is necessary to make the essential changes to meet the challenges that have been set before us.

      Remote work and digitization

      One of the results of current situation is large increase of people working remotely. A great tool to support this kind of work is Microsoft Teams application. J. P. Courtois reports that even 74% of CFOs currently plan to have their employees maintain remote work opportunities even after a pandemic.

      Remote work and process digitalization are crucial when it comes to enterprises development. As excellent examples of transformation and remote work, Courtois gave Żabka, who created an application supported by artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the company can provide customers with better and more personalized access to services. The application also supports the enterprise by improving the planning and management of localized product offers. Courtois also mentioned the Telemedico company, which thanks to the digitization of processes and services tripled the number of online medical consultations reaching 100,000.

      Process automation

      J. P. Courtois also emphasized the essence of the Power Platform solution. Thanks to the platform, front-line employees can automate processes or workflows without knowing the code or coding rules. The result of their work can be easily transferred to company backends and improve the work of the entire company.

      During his presentation, Courtois also pointed out that the “winners” of the current situation will be people and companies that will accelerate their digital transformation. National support programs are very important to meet this challenge. In Poland, thanks to the involvement of Microsoft, the Digital Valley was created, which is an excellent support for enterprises in their digitization.

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        Microsoft will put a billion dollars into the digital transformation plan for Poland

        The plan combines long-term investments. It assumes skills upgrading, strong local partnerships, support for digital transformation and the latest cloud technologies. All this to help realize the vision of the “Polish Digital Valley” and accelerate digitization and innovation for companies, government and citizens. Implementation of the plan will also be possible thanks to establishing a partnership with the Polish National Cloud, established by PKO BP and PFR.

        Higher class of services

        By creating a new Microsoft data center region in Poland as part of a global cloud for the ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises and the government will gain access to secure enterprise-class cloud services.

        The basis is a good plan


        The plan is based on Microsoft’s almost 30 years of experience in successful cooperation with Polish organizations and enterprises as well as with a network of over 6,000 local partners. The initiative lasts for another seven years. It combines extensive knowledge of digital transformation with a strong emphasis on improving the skills of local talent with the latest competences in the cloud to enable local organizations to drive and accelerate their digital transformation, increase competitiveness and promote employment opportunities in the market.

        Polish Digital Valley

        “I am proud to announce our $1 billion dollar investment in Poland’s continued digital transformation and the development of the ‘Polish Digital Valley.’ Today’s announcement builds on our nearly 30-year presence in the country. Microsoft’s global-scale cloud in Poland will allow an ever-wider use, faster implementation and more benefits to those public institutions and businesses in critical sectors along with Poland’s thriving start-up community. This investment will also provide strong support for the continued success of Poland’s developer talent pool and beyond, creating critical skilling and learning opportunities for an estimated 150,000 employees, partners and students. Our mission is to empower the people and organizations of Poland to achieve more,” said Jean-Phillippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

        Skills development program

        The skills development program will include training, e-learning programs, workshops and hackathons (programming marathons). Training includes cloud computing as well as development using artificial intelligence. They also apply to machine learning technology, big data and Internet of Things (IoT). As part of these activities, accessibility for people with disabilities is important to Microsoft. The implementation is to provide people with disabilities with access to technologies and tools that allow them to learn, inform and increase employment opportunities.

        Trusted global cloud from Microsoft

        The announced plan will help companies, startups and institutions use the potential of cloud computing. Moreover, the highest standards of cyber security, data residence and compliance will be maintained. In particular, those that have specific requirements for data storage and processing

        Access to the full set of services

        The new cloud datacenter region joins Microsoft’s global footprint of cloud regions, now totaling 59 regions announced, with Microsoft Azure available in over 140 countries, and will provide companies local access to Microsoft’s full set of cloud services, all built on a foundation of trust:

        Microsoft Azure

        An ever-expanding set of cloud services that offers computing, networking, databases, analytics, AI and IoT services.

        Microsoft 365

        The world’s productivity cloud that delivers best-of-breed productivity apps integrated through cloud services and delivered as part of an open platform for business processes.

        Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

        The next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of customers and capture new opportunities.

        Compliance, security and privacy

        Microsoft offers more than 90 certifications and spends $1 billion every year on cybersecurity to address security at every layer of the cloud. Microsoft’s Poland datacenter region will help companies comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will also help customers store data at rest in Poland.

        The creation of the “Polish Digital Valley” by Microsoft is a milestone in the technological development of Poland and the region.

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