Whitelist available in the RamBase system thanks to IT Vision.


We have prepared the functionality of the Whitelist ERP RamBase system. Thanks to the work of our programmers, the system is adapted to Polish law.

RamBase is a Norwegian company management system. However, it is gaining popularity in other European countries. In Poland, it is offered by IT Vision. As a Polish partner, we undertook the task of preparing the Whitelist functionality for this ERP system. Thanks to the work of our programmers, the system is adapted to Polish law.

Whitelist RamBase

Thanks to the Whitelist solution in ERP, you don’t have to switch between the system and the list of taxpayers. The system will automatically check all required data.

RamBase provides assistance in checking whether a business partner is registered as an active VAT taxpayer on the day of the transaction. It also allows you to verify which bank accounts are assigned to it and whether its address details and name have been correctly completed on the invoice.

In addition, the Whitelist module in RamBase archives search and result data along with the necessary information.

Key benefits

  • Facilitate control of your business partner data
  • Gain more control over your payments and tax responsibilities
  • Increase control with payables and receivables automatically matched to open invoices
  • Save time with integrated checking
  • Reduce risk of errors due to manual entry of business partner data
  • Reduce the risk of financial penalties liability

Key capabilities

  • Integrated payment checking in Whitelist for transactions over PLN 15,000
  • The ability to check any transaction or counterparty from the system level
  • The certainty of transferring payments to appropriate bank accounts
  • Log of whitelist searches by users with results

Operations are made in Microsoft Azure (North Europe Region), managed by IT Vision Sp. z o.o.

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