Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft that provides all company data in one place. The analyzes used by the system show detailed data on the functioning of the company. You can scale and extend the functionality with new modules and applications at any time. Thanks to the implemented solutions, you can, using the application, manage every aspect of the business by increasing its innovation, efficiency of operational processes, offer competitiveness and meet the growing expectations of customers. In addition, Microsoft offers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, especially in the area of sales and inventory forecasts. Dynamics 365 thanks to the built-in Business Intelligence module transforms data into information and then into knowledge, thanks to which it is possible to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency

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RAMBASE is a unique ERP platform from Hatteland, which is implemented easily and quickly. The system can be implemented even in 8 weeks. It does not require investment in expensive equipment or technologies, which means that using it does not generate additional costs. RAMBASE makes managing your business easy and accessible. RAMBASE stands out from other providers due to the possibility of long-term use of the cloud without costly updates, hidden costs or downtime. It allows to open a business to the entire spectrum of automation options and the so-called Industry 4.0 (IoT). RamBase was created for companies operating in the field of production and hi-tech, having clients who know what quality, accuracy and business value they expect.

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NetSuite ERP provides the tools needed to accelerate enterprise growth and stimulate innovation. The system fully supports company operations and automates both front-office and back-office processes including management of finances, revenues, fixed assets, orders, inventory and invoicing. It gives employees at all levels an insight into key performance indicators and reports, increasing their efficiency and supporting them in making the best business decisions. NetSuite allows to streamline processes, reduce time and reduce the amount of resources needed to accelerate growth and supports innovation and maintains the company’s competitiveness.

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