Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft that provides all company data in one place. The analyzes used by the system show detailed data on the functioning of the company. You can scale and extend the functionality with new modules and applications at any time. Thanks to the implemented solutions, you can, using the application, manage every aspect of the business by increasing its innovation, efficiency of operational processes, offer competitiveness and meet the growing expectations of customers. In addition, Microsoft offers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, especially in the area of sales and inventory forecasts. Dynamics 365 thanks to the built-in Business Intelligence module transforms data into information and then into knowledge, thanks to which it is possible to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency

Dynamics 365 Business Central – it is a modern offer from Microstoft combining enterprise resource planning and customer service systems (ERP and CRM). Based on the business cloud solution provides all company data in one place. The analyzes used by Dynamics 365 show detailed data on the functioning of the company, including sales, acquisition and customer service, as well as back office operations. You can scale and extend the functionality with new modules and applications at any time. This allows to adopt the system to current enterprise requirements. 

Thanks to implemented solutions it is possible, by using the application, to manage every aspect of the business by increasing its innovation, efficiency of operational processes, the competitiveness of the offer and meet the growing expectations of customers. The application can be installed on any mobile device, which allows you to manage the company from a computer, tablet or phone. 

In addition, Microsoft offers solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), especially in the field of sales and inventory forecasts. Dynamics 365, thanks to the built-in Business Intelligence module, transforms data into information, and then into knowledge, and it gives the possibility to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency. According to Magic Quadrant and Forrester Business CEntral is a leader among Business Intelligence solutions. Full system integration with the MS Office allows to use all the functionalities of the package and fully use them to manage your company. 

The Microsoft solution allows a better understanding of the company and supports your business in achieving success. 

Finance & Accounting

Business Central makes managing finances and accounting easy and pleasant. The system allows to easily associate transactions and data processed by a company or companies in a group. It supports companies operating in one country as well as international enterprises, including those that conduct transactions in various currencies. Business Central enables creating multidimensional analyzes and reports. The advanced General Ledger module allows accountants and financial analysts to obtain the most important information from accounts, budgets, financial flows and various types of costs.

Purchases and supplies

Business Central allows for effective management of extended supply chains and distribution channels. The system streamlines processes, reduces costs, improves communication and cooperation with trading partners. It helps to make informed decisions and increase efficiency. Information provided in real time allows you to quickly respond to changing market conditions.


The main advantage of Business Central in sales is the improvement of communication, which is crucial in this area of activity. The system gives "here and now" access to the most important information from production or warehouse. Thanks to access to data from the whole company, it allows for precise determination of order processing times and their valuation. Business Central also supports conducting marketing activities.


Business Central offers solutions for manufacturing on two levels: assembly and manufacturing. Assembly consists of connecting components and selling them as a product that is really a set of components (e.g. bicycle). Manufacturing is the joining / processing of components into one complete product (bread production). The Microsoft solution provides support in both types of production and offers a modern and efficient tool for managing it. It offers a number of solutions. Some of them will work in both types of production, while others are dedicated directly to specific types. A large number of solutions allows you to choose the components that best suit your business and improve production in the company as much as possible.

Fixed assets

Business Central facilitates the classification of fixed assets. Using codes that are compatible with the regulation, depreciation rates are automatically charged. The tool also gives the possibility of keeping many depreciation books in parallel, taking into account balance, tax and MRS (Multiple Restraint System) issues. The system also supports records of acquisitions, decreases and increases in value and depreciation. It also supports automatic depreciation calculation and reporting. Business Central also allows you to generate an annual depreciation report containing the cost of depreciation of fixed assets.