Power BI

Power BI is a data analysis and report design tool. Thanks to the connection of on-line services, it enables easy publishing and sharing of data. Power Bi enables self-service enterprise-scale analytics.

Power BI is a tool for data analysis and report design. By connecting on-line services, it enables easy publication and sharing of data.

It enables self-service analysis creation on an enterprise scale. It allows you to reduce additional costs and process complexity. The tool also reduces the security risks of many solutions. This is possible thanks to the Analytics Platform scaled from individuals to the entire organization.

With this tool your company will receive access to reliable results thanks to the use of intelligent tools. The solution allows to easily find and share significant detailed information. It uses hundreds of data visualizations, built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, tight integration with Excel, and pre-created and custom data connectors.

Using Power BI provides better protection for analytical data. It offers the best confidentiality classification and prevents data loss. This ensures that your data is always secure and consistent, even if it is exported.

You can get even more options and functionalities by combining Power BI with advanced Data Courage budgeting and analysis tools.

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    Get access to detailed information from anywhere

    You can take action with seamless access to detailed information in the office or while remote working, using Power BI applications developed by Microsoft, its partners and your organization.

    Collaborate with and share

    With Power BI you can publish reports and dashboards, and collaborate with your team. The tool also makes it easy to share detailed information inside and outside the organization


    Power BI allows you to connect to data regardless of where they are stored. However, the tool not only facilitates access, but allows you to create stunning and interactive visualizations. You can go from data to detailed information in minutes using Power BI Desktop.

    • Connect to hundreds of data sources - locally and in the cloud.
    • Use Power Query addition to simplify data acquisition, transformation, integration and enrichment.
    • Createreports using built-in visualizations or create your own custom visualizations.