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Analysis and consulting

We always try to get to know and understand real needs of the companies and then we match to them offered solution. If you cooperate with us your company will get a “tailor made” tool. More

Helpdesk and support

We support your company both during and after the implementation More

International projects

We offer solutions for domestic and foreign companies, also in foreign languages More

Systems implementation

including implementation methodology

We know very well that every company is different and has different needs. Our goal is to satisfy them. We believe that the success of our customers is also our success. More
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Paweł Prymakowski CEO

You know that you want to implement an ERP system in your company. But what’s next? How to prepare for it? And what should you know before making a decision about choosing the system and supplier?   Choosing right ERP system…

Hans Peter Bech TBKconsult

The changes in IT-technology and its delivery formats have offered a platform for new players such as RamBase. Where, fifteen years ago, we expected consolidation in the ERP-industry, precisely the opposite has happened.

Piotr Podgórni Head of Implementation

Meet MoSCoW model - When you decide to by an ERP system, we have many expectations. Many times, while thinking about implementation many ideas come to our minds concerning system requirements and future functionalities. It worth to gather them all…

Paweł Prymakowski CEO

Digitalization is not a new idea -The digital era is the best time to forget about huge, time-consuming implementations of ERP system and painful upgrades. It is time to have a head in the clouds and invest in flexible cloud-based…

Jakub Polkowski Channel Executive Poland w RamBase

ERP in the cloud, compared to traditional ERP on-premise, is much faster to implement and cheaper to use. Time and costs are one of the key variables for business - often the abandonment of change in companies is not so…

Paweł Prymakowski CEO

Industry 4.0 - Forget about systems that need years to be implemented. When the systems need hundreds of customisations to support your business properly – you are in troubles. Every upgrade is going to be a nightmare. The ERP should…

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