Visual Advanced Production Scheduler – VAPS

With VAPS you can define alternative machine centers, taking into account the availability of materials, and pin production orders. And also apply numerous color schemes

VAPS provides visual advanced production scheduling as an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It allows you to visually manage the production schedule and the limited production capacity. With VAPS you can define alternative machine centers, taking into account the availability of materials, and pin production orders. And also apply numerous color schemes. This allows you to easily control your schedule with the easy-to-understand “drag and drop” tool.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

VAPS – Standard Business Central extension

  • Capacities planner
  • Planning tools to handle certain planning tasks
  • Alternative Machine Centers, Including Production Factors
  • Information on the availability of materials during planning
  • Creation and maintenance of various simulations of the production schedule
  • Pin / Freeze operations
  • Color themes that support different aspects of planning

Advantages of using advanced visual production planner from Netronic

Faster and better decisions

  • See the schedule at a glance.
  • Understand dependencies.
  • Make decisions quickly – based on what you see and understand

Satisfy customers

  • Manage your schedule.
  • Understand workload and timeframe.
  • Make reliable delivery time commitments and deliver as promised.

Better resource use:

  • See your resource load at a glance.
  • Know your capacity and bottlenecks.
  • Maximize throughput by reducing downtime in resource bottlenecks.

Why is it worth investing in advanced visual production planning with Netronic?

  • Some producers have inherent complexity.
  • Even smaller companies can have large order volumes and very unstable processes.
  • You need more than just manual “drag and drop”.
Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler is built on 4 main blocks:

Environment and integration

  • It has its own data handling that allows you to run various simulations
  • Support for data in own BC tables
    • Not on the customer side to solve the potential performance issue
    • Not in a separate database – no installation hassle

Planning logic

  • No APS function (no optimized automatic planning of the entire schedule based on user-defined criteria)
  • Manual forward planning by drag-and-drop taking into account the limited capacity to assist the user
    • Taking care of routes, connections between production order lines and links between production orders
    • Avoids overloading work centers and machines
    • Recognizes pinned operations
  • Provides (semi) automated planning tools to support dedicated planning tasks
    • Prioritize production orders
    • Add production orders to plan “defensively”
    • Add production orders to your schedule and find the earliest free (alternative) machine centers
  • It distinguishes between production orders planned by VAPS and those that “only” come from Business Central

Business Central improvements

  • Possibility of pinning operations with and without the need for production capacity
  • Possibility to define alternative machine centers and production rates
  • The ability to automatically calculate and display material availability at the production order line level
  • Lots of smaller improvements for smoother planning

Visual drag-and-drop interface

  • Shows scheduled production orders “not yet via VAPS”
  • Supports user-defined color coding of stripes (or offer a set of predefined color schemes)
  • Allows you to interactively define a block or extra time (and visualize correctly)
  • Improved interaction handling
    • Highlights “allowed resources”
    • Shows material availability symbols
    • Shows vertical lines to indicate the time frame within which the operation can be moved