A system that will support the entire sales process

It is important for the development of your company to constantly improve competitiveness and make the right business decisions. Sales and distribution require an attractive offer and meeting clients’ expectations. 

Your company faces constant challenges

  • Meeting the growing expectations of customers, 
  • Ensuring efficient and high-quality customer service, 
  • Ensuring the competitiveness and profitability of the company in a globalizing market where the margin is falling. 

A properly selected and configured ERP system will not only support the entire process of your sales from inquiry to order fulfillment, but will also improve the actual sales performance, allow improving the company’s financial results and shorten the time of order fulfillment and settlement. All this will make your business grow and become more competitive. 

ERP system support simple sales (invoice – sale) but also full sales process (opportunity – offer – order – settlement). It facilitates running internet sales (B2B and B2C). Thanks to the implementation of the ERP system, properly created processes, sales and purchasing budgets and detailed reports allow you to make the right business decisions and show the current state of the company. The implementation of the system also gives you control over an extensive pricing policy. 

ERP system in sales and distribution allows to easily manage offers, bulk orders and sales order processes. Thanks to modules showing demand and sales forecast it allows proper supply planning and allows the integration of sales and purchase ordersThe system gives opportunity to build closer relations with your suppliers.