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Professional services are a dynamically developing market sector whose significance is constantly growing. It is important for your company to maintain a high level of provided services and customer satisfaction. The services offered must be competitive and meet increasing market requirements. 

What is ERP – a system for managing the company and your services

In order to meet customer expectations, maintain high quality of services, service level, and constantly develop the company, it is worth implementing a business management system – ERP system. Such a system allows you to manage every aspect of the enterprise. It enables the development of competences and the improvement of the team. It also supports the efficient use of resources. What’s more, the ERP system allows you to develop and improve cooperation with customers, partners and external colleagues

Advantages of the ERP system for professional services

Support for the entire sales process

A properly selected and configured ERP system will support the entire process of your sale from inquiry to the service. It will also improve real sale performance and your company’s financial results. System will allow you to reduce lead time and settlement. All of this will make your business grow and become more competitive. 

Support for the entire sales process

ERP system support simple sale (invoice – sale) but also full sale process (opportunity – offer – order – settlement). The system supports the entire company and automates both front and back-office processes, including finance, revenue, inventory, team and invoicing management. It gives employees at all levels an insight into key performance indicators . They also get access to flexible reports, increasing their efficiency and supporting them in making the best business decisions. 

Usługi profesjonalne

Easy data management

The implementation of the ERP system in a company providing professional services facilitates data management. It unifies them and givie quick access to them. Properly configured modules also allow for digitization and automatic transmission of documents and also facilitate their archiving. 

Configurable with other systems

The ERP system covers the entire scope of the company’s operations, including sale, invoicing, budgeting and controlling in one tool. Additionally, it can be configured with industry systems and adapted to the individual needs of the company and industry specifics. 

One tool will handle all processes in your company, thanks to integration with the areas of accounting and finance.

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