Visual Production Scheduler – VPS

Visual Production Scheduler – VPS provides operational flexibility by converting all production related tables into an interactive production order and Gantt chart for resources. The solution helps you stay up to date with activities and meet delivery dates by visualizing your production schedule and enabling quick corrective action.

Visual Production Scheduler – advantages

Seamless integration – VPS offers full integration with the production module. The module connects to all other role centers that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer.

Greater transparency – the production schedule can be checked at a glance. All work centers, all machine centers, all production orders. You can also see bottlenecks, late orders, and understand all dependencies.

Fast interaction – transparency allows you to react quickly in the event of unplanned incidents. Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily see the impact on production orders and see the new schedule. Instantly and graphically.

Visual Production Scheduler from Netronic gives:

Faster and better decisions:

  • See the schedule at a glance.
  • Understand dependencies.
  • Make decisions quickly – based on what you see and understand.

Satisfied customers:

  • Manage your schedule.
  • Understand workload and timeframe.
  • Make reliable delivery time commitments and deliver as promised.

Better use of resources:

  • See your resource load at a glance.
  • Know your capacity and bottlenecks.
  • Maximize throughput by reducing downtime in resource bottlenecks.

VPS – Visual Production Scheduler – capabilities:

„Drag & drop” – operations planning.

You can change the position of the operation with simple mouse actions. Horizontally to modify the time or vertically to reassign operations to different work centers or machines.

Visual Production Scheduler - VPS

Seamless integration

VPS is completely and seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Just double-click on production orders or machines / work centers to open the production order card or the machine / work center card.

Automatic successor / predecessor scheduling

When a production order with sequential or parallel routing is moved, the pre and post operations are automatically shifted, minimizing shift time.

Real-time visual notifications

VPS shows real-time alerts as red warnings when production orders are overdue or work centers / machines have overcapacity.

Visual Production Scheduler - VPS

Production order view

  • Color identification of production orders according to their status
  • Reschedule operations by drag and drop
  • Visual alerts for delayed production orders and progress posting
Visual Production Scheduler - VPS

Capacity view

  • Visualization of load of work centers / machines
  • Reassign operations to a different work or machine center
  • Detecting bottlenecks
  • Visual warnings about overloading a given resource
  • Better understanding of all dependencies
Visual Production Scheduler - VPS

Why is it worth investing in production scheduling?

  • It provides a clear answer to the question: “when to perform what operation, at what work / machine center”.
  • Provides operational efficiency:
    • Faster, more reliable decisions
    • Higher delivery time obligations
    • Better use of resources
    • Bandwidth optimization

Why is it worth investing in production scheduling with Netronic?

  • Allows the user to “sit in the driver’s seat”
  • The solution is easy to understand – it gains the trust of users
  • It is simple to implement and easy to learn