Get access to detailed information from anywhere

You can take action with seamless access to detailed information in the office or while remote working. Action can be taken with seamless access to detailed information in the office or while remote working, using Power BI applications developed by Microsoft, its partners and your organization.

detailed information

The solution offers world-class analytical functions without having to develop them yourself.

It allows you to quickly and easily share customer reports, dashboards and analytical functions in your own applications using the Power BI service and branding it with your own company brand. It also reduces the need for resources for developers by automating the monitoring, implementation and management of analytical functions. All of these while maintaining full control over the functions of the Power BI service and intelligent analysis tools.

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    Grow your business

    Embed fully interactive reports and dashboards in your applications, so you can overtake your competition without investing time and money in developing analytical functions yourself.

    • Enter the market faster
    • Prepare diverse products and offers for data processing
    • Impress your customers and get life-long admirers
    • Create new revenue sources

    User environment control

    With hundreds of visualizations and functions to choose from - from basic reporting to advanced analysis - you decide how you will provide analytical data to your users.

    • Use the colors of your brand to match the visualizations to the application
    • Allow users to edit or create up to date dashboards for analysis
    • Turn on the question and answer feature so that users can get information immediately
    • Customize the analysis menu with convenient actions designed for users

    Easy commissioning and management

    Thanks to the APIs, SDKs and Power BI Embedded wizards, you can simplify and secure everything from preparing a development environment to implementing analytical functions in your application, and your developers can focus on the main application.

    • Easily embed using the JavaScript SDK
    • Ensure data privacy in single and multi-tenant deployments with row-level security
    • Monitor performance and automate using REST APIs
    • Ensure the best user experience by scaling as needed

    Provide analytical functions to your users with full confidence

    • Restrict users' access with row-level security so that users can only see information specifically intended for them.
    • Keep users' information secure by managing all identities and the authentication process.
    • Deploy Power BI visualizations in any available Azure provisioning region to meet data residence and compliance requirements.