Collaborate with and share

With Power BI you can publish reports and dashboards and collaborate with a team. The tool also makes it easy to share detailed information inside and outside the organization.


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    Discover your analytics quickly

    • Easily explore your data using conversational language and get meaningful answers to data questions in your own words.
    • Get instant analytics from your favorite apps using prebuilt data visualization and report templates.
    • Pin critical content to prioritize analytics at hand and make sure other people see your valuable analytics by promoting it with administration tools.

    Better work results thanks to known tools

    • Quickly get the answers you need using the skills you already have - whether you have the most experience with other BI tools, Excel, or Azure.
    • Increase the impact of your analytics by sharing it with other team members in the tools they use every day, such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform.
    • Encourage data exploration and analytics sharing with an intuitive, familiar environment that looks and feels like other Microsoft technologies already used by teams.

    Secure data management

    • Help prevent data loss with centrally managed, role-specific data protection and row-level security.
    • Use country clouds to meet local regulations for service delivery, data residence, access and control.
    • Protect your data according to your industry's compliance standards and certifications.