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DocuSign is a company which sales cloud-based software to manage electronic agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices.  DocuSign has thousands of customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries.

“NetSuite is a robust, complete solution that we've integrated with other SaaS applications to improve efficiency end to end—that's been a huge improvement.” DocuSign


Revenue recognition had become a bottleneck for digital signature solution provider DocuSign. The spreadsheet-reliant process had grown unmanageable as the business approached 100,000 global customers, and the company's IT platform made integration with its numerous cloud-based systems difficult.

DocuSign needed a platform that would let it streamline processes by integrating cloud solutions for budgeting and forecasting, billing, CRM and time and expense management.


Replacing its on-premise software with NetSuite ERP has made DocuSign a 100 percent cloud-based business. The company has established the needed integrations with its various cloud resources, and NetSuite OneWorld has provided a global solution that helps DocuSign to better manage its global subsidiaries and process multi-currency transactions.



DocuSign's newfound flexibility has opened the floodgates to efficiency. In addition to slashing its revenue recognition process from nine days to several hours, the company's finance team has reduced its monthly financial close from 15 days to 10.

With its business streamlined, DocuSign can leverage NetSuite for future improvements. The visibility the company has into currency conversions gives it new confidence in its calculations and being a 100 percent cloud-based business lends more weight to its own cloud-based products.

The implementation was not carried out by IT Vision

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