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Do you understand the dangers of joyriding with business software? Can you just “enter” a new system and start working with it? Without any preparation? Without training? Of course, you can. But the cost of such an approach can be catastrophic.

To illustrate the importance of preparing to use the system, the metaphor of a car seems appropriate.

Business software – Understand the dangers of ignorance of the rules

Do you drive a car without proper training? Without a driving license? Pretty dangerous, right? In this case, a crash may be the least of your worries. Driving a car without proper training is a huge risk. And it can cause serious damage. With a heavy financial burden that can haunt you for years.

Business software - dangers of joyriding

But what about using business software in your company? What is the impact of insufficient end-user training? Would users have passed the “driving license” test in the system? Analysis.

How is this different from business software?  Even though you can cause a lot of damage by improper use of an ERP or CRM system, there is still no supervision. There is no government control, and often not even your own management! Moreover, usually the same company management thinks that training and instruction are too expensive. And it is often one of the first costs that are negotiated and reduced in the purchasing process.

Do you have to be trained?

Let’s be honest. The supplier with the highest number of training days is usually the first one removed from the list of potential implementers. The reason is, of course, too high a price! Surely you are aware that this increases the chances of your project failing. Additionally, saving on training leads to a situation in which newly hired employees are trained by their colleagues. It is the blind man who leads the blind man.

The potential consequences of this approach are catastrophic! Your users are making a mess because they are not qualified. Even more possible is that they will likely continue to carelessly use information islands in Excel or Access. At the end of the day, you didn’t take a single step forward. You are another day older and more indebted.

Business Software – Proper Training is the Key to Success!

So, if you really strive for the success of your project, you always need to get proper training! Of course, during the implementation process. But also when upgrading to new versions. And when hiring new employees. After all, this is the only way to prevent unsafe play with business software.

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