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Thanks to partnership with Data Courage, we can offer our customers extended functionalities in the areas of reporting, data visualization, analytics and budgeting.

Solution at the highest level

Extended analytics, reporting and Business Intelligence at the highest level? Fast and easy data access? It is possible thanks to cooperation between IT Vision and Data Courage from the Jet Global group.

Thanks to the established partnership, we can offer additional solutions for Microsoft clients developed by Data Courage. Reporting, data visualization, analytics, budgeting are just some of the areas that you can improve.


Thanks to a specially prepared reporting module, you will not only gain access to all necessary data. Data Courage solution allows you to visualize data in any way you choose. The module is also adapted to advanced business reports. With Data Courage you can forget about the “copy-paste” function.

Reporting from Data Courage automatically retrieves data from Excel and immediately allows you to design reports and use them. What’s more, the installation takes only one day!

Data visualization

Data visualization is based on Power BI from Microsoft. The interface is easy to install and allows users to plan and perform tasks faster. The solution extends the capabilities of Microsoft systems. Installation is fast so that companies immediately have access to their business data and can quickly run their own KPIs. This allows you to increase your strategic advantage.

Extended analytics

The Data Courage analytics module allows you to collect all data in one place. Thanks to this, all employees have access to data and receive the opportunity to perform advanced analyzes from anywhere, without the need for technical knowledge.

The analytics module is available through a web browser and offers quick and flexible desktops and reports in Excel. It allows you to quickly transform data into useful information.


The Data Courage module gives you greater control over the budgeting process and streamlines it. It is a flexible and easy-to-use financial planning solution.

The module allows you to adapt the structures to the budgeting methodology and saves time and resources.

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