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Automatic download and fast document processing in international company from the medical industry

IT Vision has launched in international company from the medical industry a module that automates document circulation in the company. Thanks to OCR Continia Web Approval Portal module the company abandoned traditional invoices and shortened the time of circulation and acceptance of documents. Implementation of the solution was a part of introducing the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise management system in group companies.

The implemented OCR Continia Web Approval Portal module supports scanning, acceptance and circulation of documents and invoices. Instead of traditional cost document circulation IT Vision has implemented in company electronic form of documents, OCR and automatic notification of users about documents waiting for acceptance.

Document circulation

Thanks to the solution, orders are entered into the system in accordance with the established hierarchy. Next documents are automatically sent to individual users for acceptance. All depending on the department, location, subject of the order or amount. Automatic email notifications about documents awaiting approval are sent to users. Everything is done through the Continia Web Approval Portal module, where users accept orders and invoices.


Invoices from individual branches in an electronic version are sent to dedicated e-mail addresses, from where the module automatically downloads them to the system, submits to the OCR process and processes into documents for booking. The system monitors the compliance of invoices with the order. If non-compliance with an approved order is detected, the invoice is sent for re-acceptance. In the approval process, users can enter comments, sugestions and questions on documents, send them for additional approval, return documents to be completed or reject them.

OCR Continia Web Approval Portal module is one of many solutions which extend the scope of enterprise support through ERP systems. Offering additional modules allows us to best adapt the ERP system to the requirements of our customers.

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