The role of information technology

Information technology is key to recruiting an employee

The candidate selects a new employer based partly on the quality of your IT system

The role of information technology in our daily lives is constantly increasing. Its importance is no longer surprising. Technology is important not only in our private life, but also in business life. We are currently doing more and more work in front of the computer. Especially when we work from home. Recent studies show that office workers appreciate well-implemented systems. About 80% of respondents indicate that information technology determines whether a person can work optimally. More and more often, bad solutions and poor implementations are a reason not to accept a new job offer. Or even leave the current employer.

The company’s IT system may be the dealbreaker to start cooperation  

The role of information technology

The state of the employer’s IT can be decisive when it comes to finding a job or a quitting. For one third of the youngest generation of employees (millennials), positive opinions about the IT situation in the company are a reason to start working. For a third of employees, technical stress and restrictive IT systems may be enough important reason to find another job.

The ‘2021 State of Work’ report by Workfront (an Adobe subsidiary) shows that there are differences between countries and generations when it comes to decisions related to IT frustration or positive experiences. 37% of all millennials consider the state of information systems when choosing a job, compared with 26% of Generation X. In half of the cases, British and American workers indicate that they want to leave if IT constrains them. In the case of Germany, this affects more than a quarter of the workforce.

The right IT system is the key to employee satisfaction

No wonder academics consider well-designed information systems important in their work. About 80% indicate that information technology is (very) important to improving their productivity. Only committed managers are considered more valuable and significant. A third of respondents indicate that they could be more productive and engaged if they will have better IT support. Examples of this support include better delivery of information for planning and prioritization, for remote collaboration, with an intuitive user interface. And the automation of daily routine tasks.

IT is also seen as an important tool for good collaboration with other employees. About 60% of respondents say they rely on information technology. For example, due to collaboration, work management, communication, planning and organization. 80% of respondents believe that teamwork is essential to keep a job.

Win the war for talents

With teams constantly aging, winning the hearts of young and talented new employees is a key factor for many companies. So if you want to succeed in this ongoing “war for talents“, it’s worth making sure that your IT solutions, business processes and internal collaboration are simply perfect.

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    Dynamics 365 in the cloud at an even better level

    Thanks to the cooperation with 1ClickFactory, we can offer Dynamics 365 in the cloud at an even better level.

    “We extend our offer, among others in the CSP channel. I.e. providing cloud services that enable our clients to reduce the usually quite significant costs of creating and maintaining infrastructure when launching ERP systems.
    Together with 1 ClickFactory, we have already launched the first projects, incl. Business Central on Cloud. The combination of expert knowledge and experience of my colleagues from the Dynamics365 implementation team in combination with the support of Azure experts for our clients can be a guarantee of successful implementations

    Sylwia Wójcik General Manager,  IT Vision

    1ClickFactory is one of the leading companies worldwide. With a pure business focus to help customers move to the newest cloud versions. The company will support us in providing our customers with Microsoft cloud-based solutions. As a result, users will have unlimited by time and place access to the system. In the case of cloud solutions, it is worth emphasizing that they don’t require investments in equipment or technical facilities. Thanks to the cooperation with 1ClickFactory, we can offer Dynamics 365 in the cloud to at even better level.

    Safe landing in the cloud

    “1ClickFactory, who is a certified development center for Microsoft. We are on the market to support partners in Central and Eastern Europe in implementing Dynamics 365 in cloud version. 1ClickFactory is very much looking forward to start the journey with IT Vision. And help their customers land in the cloud. We believe that with combined knowledge from IT Vision and 1ClickFactory experts Dynamics365 customers will get access to Microsoft cloud solutions on the highest level”
    Iza Karpowicz, 1ClickFactory representative for Poland, adds.

    Dynamics 365 in the cloud – What does this cooperation mean for you as our customer?

    With more than 100 Dynamics 365 and Azure experts, 1ClickFactory will support us in providing customers with Microsoft cloud-based solutions. As a result you will:

    • have no limitations to access the system neither from time, nor place perspective
    • avoid investments in equipment or other technical facilities
    • be advised on the best approach to move your company’s ERP/ERM to cloud

    Moving to the cloud is the future

    Together with 1ClickFactory, we strongly believe that moving to the cloud is the future. That is why we encourage all companies that want to outstand the competition and be the first to gain the cloud benefits the cloud is offering not to delay the decision and complete the migration. (Or at least build the strategy to do it) now.

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      The most important information about Microsoft

      All the most important information about Microsoft system was presented at the Directions 4 Partners conference. New functionalities, improvements, support for the mobility of management systems from Microsoft. The organizers also showed that despite the virtual times it is possible to conduct a large, international conference at a very high level.

      Participants from all over the world could also learn the most important information about the Microsoft system. They also included representatives of IT Vision, our partners, and friends from the industry.

      In a series of interviews and interviews we present the most important information about the Microsoft system.

      Paweł Prymakowski and Tomasz Woch talked about the new solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365:

      We talked with Sylwia Wójcik and Piotr Podgórni about cloud-based systems. We asked them about the changes that await them and Microsoft’s support in the organization of remote work:

      We asked Nelson Tavares da Silva (QBS Group) if and how coronavirus changed the way of running business. We also talked about the changes in the digitization process and the advantages of the Microsoft system:

      We talked about the Microsoft system and new functions with experts from the IBSC company:

      We talked to Inga Sartauskaite (1ClickFactory) about the impressions from the conference, how the way of running the company has changed and about the importance of remote work:

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        Costs in ERP system selection – what we mostly overlook

        During ERP system selection, the various costs and possible benefits are analyzed in considerable detail and then assessed for each vendor. But it’s worth to emphasize that one important factor is often completely missed during this process. Which one? The cost of the next system!

        The selection of a new system is never done as a back-of-an-envelope exercise. We know very well that companies want to use their solution for many years. A lot of potential customers says:

        “From a bookkeeping standpoint, the investment’s
        term of depreciation is 5 years. But ideally, we want
        to work with the new solution for 10 years or more”

        Costs in ERP system selection – look into the future

        Costs in ERP system selection

        Anyone who wants to work with a system for that long must have a fortuneteller in the team. Because in 10 years’ time, a lot can change! What will the world look like in the year 2030? Which devices will we be working with then? How far, and how much will the technology be developed and changed? And which parts of our future have yet even to be invented, developed, and marketed? So there are plenty of questions, and from today’s vantage point we can only guess at the answers.

        Recall the past

        One of the ways you can work with this challenge can be recalling the time 10 years ago. Do you remember what technology looked like? Can you remember the exact state of technology in 2010? Nobody heard or used tablets in those times. Let alone the verb ‘swiping’! Those are times when WhatsApp didn’t exist and Google still was a really small company. Cloud solutions was on the beginning of development.

        Costs in ERP system selection – focus on development and vision

        Costs in ERP system selection - focus on development and vision

        Perhaps this comparison provides you a bit of perspective into what we can expect in terms of new developments in the coming 10 years. But far more importantly – can you comprehend what all this means for your potential suppliers? Consider the required competencies, for example, or the required R&D budgets, the availability of international sales channels or the necessary entrepreneurship and decisiveness, of course.

        If you think about the future of ERP technology, you conclude that you are selecting more of an ERP concept these days than an exact ERP solution. A concept you choose will be developing at a furious pace. And you should choose the concept which must develop! Because vendors that are left behind or loses the direction at any time are quickly lost in this market. And the most painful bit: their customers are lost, too!

        Bet on development partners

        Companies that are considering new solutions would do well to test their vendors’ degree of futureproofing rigorously. Do the vendors on your shortlist have any chance at all surviving this rat race until 2030? Are they (sufficiently) profitable these days, for example? Do they have sufficient international scale? What is the size of their R&D budget? How innovative are they? And is a formal product roadmap available for the solution on offer?

        By getting a good understanding of the prospective vendors’ commercial legitimacy during the selection process, you can prevent many unpleasant surprises in the future. However, if you fail to look to the future, then just make sure you include a huge sum in your budget for your next ERP system!

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          The choice of your implementation partner

          A traditional vendor or a real sparring partner?

          The choice of implementation partner

          Are you’re considering the implementation of a new ERP software solution? So the choice of implementation partner awaits you. Then you have the choice between two kinds of implementation partners. On the one hand, there are the traditional vendors who – in a nutshell – activate the software just the way you work today, train your end-users and leave. On the other hand, there are those partners who see the new software solution as a catalyst for initiating and supporting organizational change. And for putting your customers in the center of everything you do. They seek mainly to improve and modernize your current processes and to ease the current bottlenecks.

          Categorize your potential implementation partners

          It is of course interesting to consider which sort of partner your organisation requires. And to categorize your potential implementation partners in this way too. Clearly, this second category of partners needs to possess different qualities and knowledge from the first. The courage to discuss nettlesome issues for sure is one of those qualities. And it’s good to know that, on the average, these partners are also more experienced and charge higher fees.

          The choice of implementation partner

          Despite COVID-19, the new buying behavior and the successes of disruptive business models, most software buyers today still tend to re-automate their existing processes and ideas. Sometimes as a conscious choice, but often unconsciously. As a result, they are not seldom guiding their organisations based on out-of-date principles.

          The choice of implementation partner – benefit from the possibilities

          To really benefit from the possibilities of new technology, you must be prepared to change. Even when it hurts on the inside. In this situation, an implementation partner who is a competent sparring partner is indispensable!

          So you really want to get the most out of your next ERP system or digital transformation initiative? Don’t choose your implementation partner based on the lowest cost. You will be much better off when you are looking for the best sparring partner. That choice creates a stable foundation for a successful project with a positive return on your investment.

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