NetSuite – now you can get to know the system better!

NetSuite is a company management system entirely created and based on the cloud. It has been winning the rankings of the best cloud ERP solutions for years. Among others, it was awarded the Gartner Peer Insights 2020 customer award in the field of service-oriented ERP.

NetSuite system page

Choosing the right ERP solution is not an easy task. That’s why we created the NetSuite product page. Thanks to this, potential users can learn about the functionality of this system as well as its advantages and adoption in individual industries.

By creating the website we wanted to show the possibilities of NetSuite as widely as possible. That is why, we have extensively described the functions and modules of the system focusing not only on general functions, but also on the smallest details and the most detailed system capabilities.

While preparing the system description, we tried to ensure that representatives of each enterprise area and various industries will find functional descriptions relevant to them.

When visiting the website, you can not only learn about the functionalities of the system. You can also find out how NetSuite supports individual industries, learn the latest information about the solution and broaden your knowledge of enterprise operations.

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    Get to know the best rated ERP systems by users!

    The ranking of the best ERP systems takes into account the level of user satisfaction with the entire system and its individual functional areas. Importantly, the review shows the level of satisfaction of real users from the use of systems. Thanks to this approach to the ranking, we can see which solutions work best in enterprises.

    Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking

    Once again, we are pleased with the high results of ERP systems that we offer to our costomers. Among the leaders of the “magic quadrant” there were also Microsoft Dynamics solutions or the NetSuite system.

    Microsoft solution collects major awards in almost all categories. Importantly, he also did not collect any negative feedback. The overall level of satisfaction is very high.

    As many as 84% of users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations recommend their ERP system. It is also worth noting that in the ranking another solution offered by IT Vision – Oracle NetSuite is well placed.

    Overall summary

    In the overall summary of resource management systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ranks 1st. Also on the top is the solution from Oracle, NetSuite, in 4th place. This category takes into account the result of satisfaction, which consists of: Net Emotional Footprint, supplier capabilities, product features and probability of recommendation. The net emotional footprint measures the user’s emotional response ratings (e.g., reliable, respectful, honest).

    Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking


    In terms of capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics system provider, it also ranks first. The table below shows the level of satisfaction of system users from various areas of system functionality. Importantly, the NetSuite system is also high on the list.

    Microsoft Dynamics NetSuite ranking

    What is more…

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leader in most rated categories. It is best rated in terms of the quality of required and standard system functions. It is also appreciated when it comes to:

    • creating business value,
    • range and quality of functions,
    • product strategy and pace of improvement,
    • usability and intuitiveness of use,
    • ease of customization,
    • ease of implementation.

    Oracle’s NetSuite system also scores very well in these categories.

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      Source: https://www.softwarereviews.com/

      Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP

      Gartner presented Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises. Among the solution leaders were two ERP systems offered by IT Vision – Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as Oracle NetSuite Cloud and ERP. The RamBase system we offer has also been appreciated

      Magic Quadrant Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite

      Gartner about Microsoft Dynamics 365

      In the case of Microsoft solutions, the company primarily assessed the finance and supply chain management module.

      Microsoft is a visionary in this chart due to the wide ERP functionality, native integration with the Azure platform and many available technologies. It is available in many countries in many languages.

      As the main advantages of the system Gartner indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with the Azure platform. The platform uses innovative analytical methods, built-in Power BI and multidimensional analytical functions. It’s all in real time. In addition, the platform offers a PowerApps solution that allows users to create applications and integrate them with the system. What is more, customers highly rated the system’s operational capabilities. An important aspect of the solution is also the possibility of its extension and development. Platform users also appreciate the FastTrack implementation path as a useful element at the system implementation stage.

      Gartner about Oracle Netsuite ERP

      NetSuite can boast of many successes in providing cloud solutions, good administration and operational functionality. Everything is available in one cloud package that is open and can be easily extended. The system has operational capabilities perfectly suited to the needs of medium-sized enterprises of low and medium complexity, as well as for retail companies and wholesale distributors. NetSuite has a growing partner ecosystem to support many global regions.

      NetSuite applies a strong geographical strategy, using Oracle’s international reach and marketing to increase its own capabilities. Importantly, NetSuite also increased product locations to support product-oriented enterprises with multiple locations. Thanks to this, it also supports moderately complex enterprises with one ERP package.

      The solution has also won high user reviews. Users especially appreciated contract negotiations and the added value created by the solution. They also pointed its integration and ease of implementation as an advantages of the system. This is due to the SuiteSucess methodology, which allows quick configuration and implementation.

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        Source: www.gartner.com

        ERP NetSuite – We know how to efficiently implement!

        The implementation of an ERP system is often associated with many inconveniences or breaks in work. It doesn’t have to be this way with NetSuite! Thanks to training with SuiteSucces, we know how to efficiently implement ERP NetSuite at our customers companies.

        ERP NetSuite

        During 4 days of workshops, exercises and conversations, we explored the SuiteSucess methodology. We got to know the best and proven implementation patterns, the so-called leading practices. Thanks to solutions based on the cloud system, we can quickly achieve effects such as a predefined environment in which it is possible to quickly start the configuration process, data migration or proper work with the customer. Thanks to these solutions, up to 80% of implementation elements can be “out-of-the-box” (without customization). This allows us to devote more time to refine customer-specific processes.

        During the training, we devoted a lot of time to improving our skills related to building customer relationships. Thanks to 4 days of work, we are better at building high-quality, clear communication with our customers. We also expanded our knowledge in the field of project documentation, development, new installation, selection of components and ordering licenses. We also improved our skills related to closing the project and moving to the support phase.

        4 days of SuiteLife Demo and Delivery training were a great learning opportunity for us. Thanks to this, we can implement the ERP NetSuite system in our customers companies in a more comprehensive and reliable way.

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