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Cloud ERP – rapid implementations and up to 70% lower costs as a significant advantages.

ERP in the cloud, compared to traditional ERP on-premise, is much faster to implement and cheaper to use. Time and costs are one of the key variables for business – often the abandonment of change in companies is not so much its negation as the fear of time-consuming and costly implementation.

Cloud ERP can be implemented in the company even in two months. This change from the moment of implementation is associated with cost optimization beneficial for the company.

Faster and cheaper

At RamBase, we know that the implementation time is a significant advantage in the case of Cloud ERP. Most often, when customers decide on a new IT solution, they expect the implementation as soon as possible. Using the natural advantages of cloud solutions, we have prepared a special path for them – RamBase FastTrack. Thanks to which we can implement it in almost 2 months, counted from the signing of the contract to the start of using ERP. The basic implementation of such a system can be extremely fast. Its costs can be even more than 70% lower than in the case of traditional on-premise systems. This can be seen in such areas of the company’s operations as: purchase of hardware and its maintenance, remuneration of additional IT staff on the client’s side, customizations, maintenance and support of ERP solutions over time.

Cloud ERP means savings

Cloud ERP

Shorter implementation time and reduced costs for Cloud ERP are the result of a number of factors. First of all, companies deciding on this solution save on hardware for storing the system. Both its purchase, appropriate configuration, maintenance in time and total cost is a task that requires resources and time. Costs are also reduced by the flexibility of Cloud ERP. From the point of view of licensing policy – the customer pays for the possibility of using the system only at the time of its launch. And flexibly for the number of users who actually work on the customers’s side. If the number of users decreases, the ERP cost is lower. The third factor that significantly reduces costs is the fast implementation path. Ready for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, modules and the lack of unpredictable costs associated with ERP upgrades.

The most innovative businesses in the world have been using cloud solutions for several years. They fit the market leaders because they are stable, safe and perfectly suited to the mobile work environment. At the same time, they allow for cost and time optimization, which increases work efficiency.

The current affordability of these solutions also opens them to the SME sector, which can afford to compete with the largest and quickly increase the scale of business. I believe that in the next few years Cloud ERP will become a standard in many Polish companies, taking into account how absorbent Polish companies are in implementing technological innovations.

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    Jakub Polkowski – Channel Executive Poland w RamBase. Generating direct and indirect sales growth for IT tech companies across Europe. Co-Founder and VP at GROWmatica.

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