CFO – Chief Financial Officer


As CFO you are responsible for financial policy and condition of the company. You supervise and coordinate budget preparation, you control financial results. Supervise accounting records and financial reporting are your responsibilities. You control the level of return on investment and look for solutions that ensure optimal profitability of the company.

You make sure that all financial documents are correct and comply with the regulations and procedures arising not only from the law, but also from the company’s policy.

The challenges you are facing:

  • Financial management – ensuring financial liquidity and profitability,
  • Efficiency,
  • Profitability analysis,
  • Multilevel calculations of margins.

The implementation of the ERP system will allow you to create consolidated reports, manage cash flows, accounting and inventory, manage fixed assets, debt collection, as well as service accounts and bank transactions.

Thank to ERP implementation you will be able to:

  • Run tax and management accounting,
  • Manage finances and control costs,
  • Set budgets (units, sales),
  • Conduct multidimensional analyzes by goods / groups / clients (industries, location, structure) of distribution channels, etc.,
  • Use the extensive functionalities of the General Ledger, among others: reporting, budgeting, multi-level chart of accounts, analytical dimensions, cost allocation and consolidation tools,
  • Use dashboards,
  • Support multiple companies and automatically create consolidated reports,
  • Manage cash flow,
  • Use mechanisms supporting the control of receivables and liabilities (age, balance on the day, confirmation of balances, etc.),
  • Automatically generate prompts and interest notes (debt collection),
  • Manage fixed assets,
  • Handle bank accounts and transactions in many currencies and automatically post exchange differences,
  • Budgeting using the chart of accounts and analytical dimensions,
  • Automate the split payment service,
  • Prepare JPK / SAF-T files for Polish tax authorities,
  • Prepare reports at any level of detail.
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