As a consultant you are responsible for contact with customers and for support them. You often stay outside the company, work remotely. You must have expert knowledge of the services offered.

The challenges you, as consultant, are facing:

  • Time management,
  • Improving competences
  • Creating and using organizational knowledge,
  • Mobile work, remote customer support,
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with clients.

The ERP system will support you in the whole scope of your duties. It will allow efficient exchange of knowledge and information between you and other employees in the company and will give you access to the information you need for the best customer service and support.

Thanks to ERP system you will be able to:

  • Run e-service: service via the Internet and on mobile devices,
  • Manage knowledge, knowledge-base and FAQ,
  • Get support in the scope of records of works and applications,
  • Use the service item database,
  • Record events / interactions, planned activities,
  • Work over the Internet from any device.
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