Project Manager

planowanie produkcji zespół

You are responsible for plan, realization and closure of the project. You make sure that the assumed goals are achieved, and the services provided are of the highest quality. You are engaged in every steps of the project. You manage budget, team, communication but you also manage changes and risk.

The challenges you are facing:

  • Planning and scheduling,
  • Creating and controlling budgets,
  • Task distribution,
  • Team management,
  • Communication and document flow in the project,
  • Change and risk management,
  • Efficient project settlement, maintaining assumed profitability.

You supervise many aspects of the project. You work on data that depends on the human factor. The implementation of the ERP system will allow you to manage work from one place, giving you a holistic picture of available resources, materials, human and time resources. ERP will facilitate your management and work with documents, budgets and plans.

Thanks to ERP implementation you will be able to:

  • Plan and create schedules,
  • Efficiently run the budgeting process taking into account: external / internal budget, changes, versioning, import / export, approval, commercial and executive calculations,
  • Plan and distribute tasks,
  • Manage documentation,
  • Maintain efficient communication and circulation of documents in the project,
  • Support methodologies,
  • Manage changes and risk,
  • Handle contracts (flat rate, T&M, pre-paid, goodwill, guarantees, SLA),
  • Settle projects and accept work,
  • Use automated invoicing.
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