Chief marketing officer – CMO

As CMO you manage data, prepare marketing plans, create, implement and monitor projects. You are responsible for promotional and PR activities, preparing the marketing budget and controlling its implementation, as well as managing the promotional and advertising activity of the company or analyzing the results of promotional activities.

The challenges you are facing:

  • Conducting active advertising activities,
  • Building brand and product image,
  • Conducting internet marketing,
  • Following trends,
  • Search engine positioning and analysis,
  • Introducing new advertisement campaigns.

The multitude of tasks and marketing channels means that you use a huge amount of data that is presented in different ways in different systems. You do not have access to the overall picture of the results of all your activities.

The implementation of the ERP system will allow you to effectively plan, conduct, register and analyze marketing campaigns. The tool collects and shows all data, results and plans in one place.

Thanks to the implementation of the ERP system you will be able to:

  • Manage all activities in one system,
  • Plan, create and manage campaigns,
  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing activities,
  • Manage the image of the company and products,
  • Analyze activity on social media,
  • Search engine positioning and analyze website traffic,
  • Manage relations with customers, partners, commercial network thanks to the CRM module,
  • Forecast and track advertisement trends,
  • Prepare reports at any level of detail.
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