Tech Talks Summit 2020, the largest Technological Conference in Poland

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We have attended the largest Technological Conference in Poland. 4,000 people took part in the meeting organized by Microsoft. The whole event was divided into 4 thematic areas with 11 detailed paths. The entire Tech Talks Summit 2020 event was 45 technology sessions.

The conference was focusing on 3 Microsoft clouds and project management:

  • Microsoft Azure. The role of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. The path also focused on technology-based tools and how they support companies in their day-to-day operations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365. Sessions concerned customer relationship management in times of social distance. Issues related to efficient digitization of management processes and quick response to changes were also raised. There were also discussed solutions based on the no-code / low-code platform – that is the environment for creating IT solutions that does not require specialized programming knowledge.
  • Microsoft 365. In this block, Microsoft speakers focused on remote work, changes in enterprises and building business scenarios. All based on the Microsoft Teams solution.
  • Projects. The fourth thematic path focused on projects and project portfolio management.

The speakers emphasized that in recent years Central and Eastern Europe has become a direction in which Microsoft invests more and more physical resources and knowledge. A great example is the largest technological investment in the history of Poland. Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in creating the Digital Poland Valley

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Polish Digital Valley is becoming a reality

One of the main speakers at the conference was Jean Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Microsoft remote work

 „Poland is a remarkable country, with an opportunity to become the digital heart of Europe. The amount of IT talent, its thriving start-up community and the rapid transformation of established business are key indicators that the Polish Digital Valley is becoming a reality emphasizes J.P. Courtois

5 patterns for success

J.P. Courtois showed 5 patterns, which are crucial for the future of business. They are:

  1. Remote everywhere
  2. Digital everything
  3. Empowering first line workforce
  4. Accelerated digital transformation
  5. National digital empowerment plan
Microsoft remote work

Adaptation to the new reality in the age of the COVID-19 epidemic is necessary to maintain an efficient company. However, it is necessary to make the essential changes to meet the challenges that have been set before us.

Remote work and digitization

One of the results of current situation is large increase of people working remotely. A great tool to support this kind of work is Microsoft Teams application. J. P. Courtois reports that even 74% of CFOs currently plan to have their employees maintain remote work opportunities even after a pandemic.

Remote work and process digitalization are crucial when it comes to enterprises development. As excellent examples of transformation and remote work, Courtois gave Żabka, who created an application supported by artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the company can provide customers with better and more personalized access to services. The application also supports the enterprise by improving the planning and management of localized product offers. Courtois also mentioned the Telemedico company, which thanks to the digitization of processes and services tripled the number of online medical consultations reaching 100,000.

Process automation

J. P. Courtois also emphasized the essence of the Power Platform solution. Thanks to the platform, front-line employees can automate processes or workflows without knowing the code or coding rules. The result of their work can be easily transferred to company backends and improve the work of the entire company.

During his presentation, Courtois also pointed out that the “winners” of the current situation will be people and companies that will accelerate their digital transformation. National support programs are very important to meet this challenge. In Poland, thanks to the involvement of Microsoft, the Digital Valley was created, which is an excellent support for enterprises in their digitization.

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