Data security in the cloud

Cloud-based solutions mean a high level of data security. Even Coca-Cola uses such systems. See how the cloud supports data protection.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – new customer in the cloud

We are starting the new year with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 full cloud for a new customer from the manufacturing and distribution industry

Dynamics 365 in the cloud at an even better level

Together with 1ClickFactory, we strongly believe that the transition to the cloud is the future. Thanks to the cooperation with 1 ClickFactory, we can present a more competitive offer for our customers.

The most important information about Microsoft

We show the most important information about the Microsoft system, new solutions and functionalities

Costs in ERP system selection – what we mostly overlook

Anyone who wants to work with the system that long must have a fairy on the team. Because a lot can change in 10 years! We know what to pay attention to in order to choose the right one!

The choice of your implementation partner

So if you really want to get the most out of your next ERP system or digital transformation initiative, don't choose your implementation partner based on the lowest cost.

Better support for company management

Get support in managing your company together with a modern management system. We offer expert support at every stage of cooperation.

New solutions in Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft continues to invest in a world-class cloud service that is easy to adopt, delivers high performance, and meets business, partners, and customers goals.

How to carry out digital transformation effectively?

How to carry out digital transformation effectively? There are some tips for CEO and managers which will help you to end your digital transformation with success.

Microsoft 365 & Teams – new feature of work

Microsoft 365 and Teams allow you to adapt to the changed work environment while maintaining and even improving the efficiency of your company and employees.