IT Vision and Engave cooperation

For over 20 years, IT Vision has been involved in improving the work of enterprises by implementing ERP, CRM systems and Business Intelligence solutions. IT Vision makes sure that its customers enjoy high-quality products and professional service. The company cooperates with industry leaders, especially in production, distribution and professional services. IT Vision employees constantly increase their competences, thanks to which they implement the latest solutions for their customers.

IT Vision and Engave cooperation

Engave specializes in the digital transformation of companies. It helps them to grow, to become more competitive. The company provides strategic technology consulting services and implements IT tools and solutions.

Establishing cooperation between Engave and IT Vision is not only about increasing the competences of employees of both companies and extending the offer for their clients. Thanks to the cooperation, the companies will jointly implement modern projects, increasing the potential of customers and improving their work.

The cooperation between IT Vision and Engave will not only allow for joint implementation of projects, but also provide even better customer service. Thanks to the established partnership, customers will have access to the offer with a wide range of high-quality services.

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    Customer Service & Field Service

    During the Ignite conference, Microsoft showed new solutions and product innovations in Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service. They support customer service actions and management. Solutions enable businesses to provide seamless, end-to-end technical support. Moreover, they allow you to discover the benefits of a streamlined organization of services. This is possible thanks to the installation on one platform.

    Customer experience

    Customer experience is the sum of all interactions between the customer and the supplier over the lifetime of their relationship. It’s very important to remember this. If we want to provide high-quality customer service, we need to care for the customer’s experience from the first contact to maintaining the after-sales actions.

    Customer approach. How to get it right?

    • Select the appropriate channels
    • Offer proactive services
    • Work with the customer according to the principle “get to know me, serve me”
    • Provide transparency in the process and build trust

    Microsoft provides a range of solutions to enable you to provide world-class customer service. Among the supporting tools are:

    • Customer Service
    • Customer Voice
    • Field Service
    • Customer Service Insights
    • Remote Assist
    • Virtual Agents

    With Microsoft, you can ensure end-to-end customer engagement. The solutions support two main areas of activity.

    Customer Service

    • Self-service. This is hassle-free, large-scale customer service across multiple channels. It is based on the Natural Language Understanding (NLA) that customers use.
    • Omnichannel engagement. This gives you a connected and personalized customer view across all channels and interactions.
    • Agent productivity. The system allows for a standardized service and agent assistance in many channels.

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      Field Service

      • Proactive service. It allows you to identify potential problems, as well as diagnose and solve them remotely. The system also communicates the service results.
      • Resource Planning. You can easily plan requirements, single or multiple resources. The system also helps to optimize resources and conduct self-service activities
      • Technician success. Advanced mobile solutions, mixed reality and intelligent operation help technicians and field workers to best serve their customers

      Dynamics 365 enables the crossing of the above channels, ensuring the best quality of service.

      Microsoft has, supports, and integrates a number of applications that improve contact with the customer. These are among others:

      This year, Microsoft also introduced a new Voice Channel.

      Native Voice in Dynamics 365 is primarily a comprehensive (all-in-one) solution for customer service. It is entirely made by Microsoft and based on the cloud. Provides hassle-free customer support in every channel. In addition, it provides real omnichannel analyzes and insights.

      Facilitated contact with the customer is also possible thanks to the function that allows you to make calls directly from the browser. What’s more, it saves live conversation transcripts. It shows live suggestions for answers, analyzes customer needs live and proposes the best solutions.

      Dynamics 365 analyzes data from all contact channels, including voice. Among other, thanks to this, it increasingly improves the virtual agent.

      All-in-one customer service

      Microsoft Customer Service is a comprehensive support for your company. But what does that actually mean? The solution is primarily:

      • Easy setup and configuration and management
      • Unmatched security and compliance
      • Seamless customer journey
      • Real omnichannel results

      Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

      Remote Assist supports your company’s employees in their field tasks. It allows you to capture resources and automate processes using the Power Platform. The solution stores mixed reality photos and videos, and then integrates the data with business processes using Power Automate. Additionally, it offers a calls dashboards. Dashboards allow you to use data about your company for remote support and improvement of operations. Remote Assist also offers a one-time call solution that allows an employee in the field to get assistance with one click.

      Dynamics 365 Field Service

      Field Service supports your company in three areas.

      • Proactive service delivery. It allows you to create a hierarchy of resources, functional locations and properties. The solution also offers productivity improvements for complex units such as work orders. Moreover, it allows for extended integration with Dynamics Supply Chain Management.
        • Resource Planning. Microsoft offers an optimizer built into the next-generation schedule board. Your technicians can predict travel times based on traffic patterns. You also get upgrades for matching skills, out-of-hours travel, and working hours calendar as required.
        • Technicians success. Microsoft is releasing new mobile app enhancements (based on Power Apps). It also offers access to a technician locator “where’s my technician” for end customers. Moreover, you get the opportunity to conduct on-site inspections.

      All these areas are supported by Microsoft Insights and artificial intelligence.

      Microsoft is constantly developing

      Microsoft is constantly developing tools to support customer service. Nowadays, it is particularly important that your company can contact the customer using multiple channels. Also, the non-contact ones. Microsoft and its solutions facilitate such interactions.

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        Microsoft Dynamics in VISIONAPARTMENTS

        A few years ago, we started cooperation with VISIONAPARTMENTS. As part of cooperation, we implemented the Microsoft Dynamics system in the company.

        VISIONAPARTMENTS deals with the rental of high class, furnished apartments. Established in 1999, the company quickly developed from a startup into a leader on the Swiss market, with a strong international position. Currently, VISIONAPARTMENTS offers apartments tailored to the needs of clients in over 850 cities around the world.

        Microsoft Dynamics in VISIONAPARTMENTS

        The project we’ve been worked on was very complex and innovative. The implementation was carried out taking into account the specifics of the industry, the company and its international character.

        Microsoft Dynamics has been implemented along with additional modules to improve the company’s work. However, taking into account the dynamic development of the company, the VISIONAPARTMENTS ERP system is constantly modernized.

        We encourage you to read the entire case study – the customer story!

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