New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

Microsoft has announced new Microsoft Dynamics functionalities that will be available in 2021. During the first release this year, Microsoft is implementing functionalities that will enable companies to transform. As part of the update, many new features will be released in Dynamics 365 applications. Including: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Commerce, and many more.

The next release of the functionalities by Microsoft confirms again that the producer is trying to make its system adjusted to the expectations of customers and to the changing reality.

New Microsoft Dynamics Business Central functionalities

New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

New funtionalities in Business Central are largely focused on making the user’s work easier. In addition, Microsoft improves the performance, usability and functions of the prints. Among others, it also supports user productivity through changes made to the General Ledger. Microsoft also improves the cooperation between Business Central and Microsoft Teams and improves additions to Excel and Outlook.

Editing Dimensions in Posted Entries in GL

Microsoft will provide a tool that allows you to correct dimensions for general ledger entries. As a result, the financial report provides an accurate insight into the data. No need to note down temporary input errors. For one or more entries in the general ledger, you can change dimension values, add dimensions, or delete them.

Universal Print Support – Print from any device

Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 service that modernizes, and streamlines print management and provides simple and uncomplicated printing. It allows, in the cloud version, to easily print documents from a tablet or smartphone. You can send documents and reports to any printer defined in the Universal Print management page.

View contact details from Microsoft Teams

Now in Business Central you can manage contacts and their sharing even more efficiently. The solution, among others, facilitates the work of sales and operational departments. Through seamless connections with vendors, customers and others in Microsoft Teams. With quick access to business contacts from Microsoft Teams, users don’t have to switch applications for simple searches and can view details entirely in Microsoft Teams.

Information about inventory from Dynamics 356 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales supports you in your customer relations. However, sales orders are processed in the Business Central system. This is where the stock availability is recorded. From the point of view of sales, this is extremely important information. It is the inventory level, among others, that suggests if the order can be fulfilled.

New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities in 2021!

Thanks to Business Central synchronization, you get a preview of inventory availability in Dynamics 365 Sales. Importantly, every stock change is also visible. When users enter sales order lines in Dynamics 365 Sales, the available quantity on the sales order will contain information on available inventory from Business Central.

Local versions available – Greece, Romania, Turkey, India

Microsoft is constantly increasing the range of its solutions by offering new local versions of the system. In 2021, he announced the availability of new national versions for Greece, Romania, Turkey and India.

Improvements in the user interface

In Business Central, the user interface is also being improved all the time. This makes it even more accessible and legible for the user.

Summary – New Microsoft Dynamics functionalities

Above, we have listed only the most interesting and important new functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The current release is, however, many more changes not only in the Business Central system itself, but in all Microsoft solutions.

The next release of improvements in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, including Business Central, shows how important for Microsoft is user comfort and system development. This is good news for people using Microsoft solutions or those who are just planning to implement this system. This proves that the system is and will be developed in the future and will not require changing to another solution.

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    Company success with RamBase system

    Did you know that in Norway awards the smart industrial companies? The award is granted by representatives of the industry and the Siemens company. Why are we writing about it? Because Aarbakke AS, which uses the RamBase system, was in the final of the competition. One of the systems we offer to our customers. See the company success with RamBase system.

    Difficult road to success

    Company success with  RamBase system

    The history of Aarbakke AS is special. First, the company has traveled a long way in changing industries. Aarbakke started out as a horseshoe maker. However, the market was changing, the demand was falling. So, the company started producing equipment for the maritime industry. The company’s main products in recent years have been offshore drilling equipment and equipment that helps pump hydrocarbons from wells to land or ships.

    Restructuring and digitization guarantee success

    But the necessity to change things was not the end of Aarbakke’s difficult journey. A few years ago, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. This situation required bold steps. The company decided to restructure and digitize. The change, which lasted 3 years, was a success. Today, the company aims to become the greenest producer of the oil industry in the world within 5 years.

    Today, the company is achieving amazing results. The turnover in 2017 was 420 million Norwegian crowns, and in 2020 it was almost 1.1 billion.

    The RamBase system, which Aarbakke chose, definitely helped in its digitization. We believe that it was also thanks to RamBase that the company could reach for the nomination for the award. The CEO of Aarbakke, Inge-Brigt Aarbakke, explains that the RamBase architecture facilitates the use of all the needed functionalities from the very first day. He also emphasizes RamBase’s ability to easily connect with other systems, via the platform’s open APIs.

    Company success with RamBase Your company’s success is possible too!

    Aarbakke AS is a great example of success. Success requires change, sacrifice and support. However, with the right mindset and the support of proven tools such as RamBase, success and growth are possible.

    Would you also like your company to record changes and be successful? Contact us and arrange a free system presentation.

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      Data security in the cloud

      The world is getting more and more digital. In addition, the pandemic generates the questions of moving systems to the cloud and concerns about data security in the cloud.  It is obvious that companies want to fill the highest standards of data security.

      Cloud-based solutions are gaining their supporters every year. And the number of cloud installations is growing. However, many people still wonder if the data in the cloud is safe.

      Are cloud solutions safer than on-premise?

      During the expert panel organized by 1ClickFactory, all speakers agreed that cloud solutions are safer than local system installations (on-premise). Below we present a few arguments proving data security in the cloud.

      Data security in the cloud

      Why cloud is safer than on-premise?

      1. It is hard for companies to build by them owns built database with the same (or highest) safety level as they are offered in cloud solutions from large vendors.
      2. For independent data security it is necessary to have a well-developed security strategy. In Poland, only 37% of companies have such a strategy.
      3. For SMP sector cloud solution is better and safer, because it does not require assets and resources to create security strategy.
      4. Customers don’t need to take any additional steps to ensure security. All functions are built into the system.

      Data security in the cloud– what you have to remember

      Some people are concerned that third parties will have access to company data. It is about both the system supplier, and other companies using the system. However, this is an unnecessary concern. Even Coca-Cola uses cloud solutions offered by Microsoft.

      It’s worth to emphasized that security accidents will always happen. Regardless of having a security strategy. It is all about how we will react to those attacks. Can we track them and have adequate security? Our system and security should lead to a fall of the attacks.

      Very often we gain trust in a solution if we see that others are using it. And when it works for them. 1ClickFactory, which is an IT Vision partner, has over 1,300 customers who use the cloud version. This is great proof that cloud solutions are desirable and secure.

      If you still have doubts about the quality of security and real data security, arrange a free consultation with an IT Vision specialist.

      Dynamics 365 in the cloud at an even better level

      Thanks to the cooperation with 1ClickFactory, we can offer Dynamics 365 in the cloud at an even better level.

      “We extend our offer, among others in the CSP channel. I.e. providing cloud services that enable our clients to reduce the usually quite significant costs of creating and maintaining infrastructure when launching ERP systems.
      Together with 1 ClickFactory, we have already launched the first projects, incl. Business Central on Cloud. The combination of expert knowledge and experience of my colleagues from the Dynamics365 implementation team in combination with the support of Azure experts for our clients can be a guarantee of successful implementations

      Sylwia Wójcik General Manager,  IT Vision

      1ClickFactory is one of the leading companies worldwide. With a pure business focus to help customers move to the newest cloud versions. The company will support us in providing our customers with Microsoft cloud-based solutions. As a result, users will have unlimited by time and place access to the system. In the case of cloud solutions, it is worth emphasizing that they don’t require investments in equipment or technical facilities. Thanks to the cooperation with 1ClickFactory, we can offer Dynamics 365 in the cloud to at even better level.

      Safe landing in the cloud

      “1ClickFactory, who is a certified development center for Microsoft. We are on the market to support partners in Central and Eastern Europe in implementing Dynamics 365 in cloud version. 1ClickFactory is very much looking forward to start the journey with IT Vision. And help their customers land in the cloud. We believe that with combined knowledge from IT Vision and 1ClickFactory experts Dynamics365 customers will get access to Microsoft cloud solutions on the highest level”
      Iza Karpowicz, 1ClickFactory representative for Poland, adds.

      Dynamics 365 in the cloud – What does this cooperation mean for you as our customer?

      With more than 100 Dynamics 365 and Azure experts, 1ClickFactory will support us in providing customers with Microsoft cloud-based solutions. As a result you will:

      • have no limitations to access the system neither from time, nor place perspective
      • avoid investments in equipment or other technical facilities
      • be advised on the best approach to move your company’s ERP/ERM to cloud

      Moving to the cloud is the future

      Together with 1ClickFactory, we strongly believe that moving to the cloud is the future. That is why we encourage all companies that want to outstand the competition and be the first to gain the cloud benefits the cloud is offering not to delay the decision and complete the migration. (Or at least build the strategy to do it) now.

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        New solutions in Microsoft Dynamics

        We are after Microsoft Directions 4 Partners conference. The purpose of this meeting is to share knowledge, development guidelines and best practices. It also focuses on supporting new solutions, cooperation or finding new partners to achieve goals and implement projects. This year’s Microsoft Directions conference is also about announcing new solutions in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The company carries out investments in 5 main areas.

        New solutions in Microsoft Dynamics – investments areas

        Deliver seamless service and performance

        Microsoft continues to invest in a world-class cloud service that is easy to adopt, delivers high performance, and meets business, partners, and customers goals.

        Design for compliance and security

        Microsoft runs on trust and is committed to continuous improvements in mobility, security, data privacy, accessibility, and meeting compliance standards.

        Develop ISVs and globalization

        Microsoft will help its customers and partners to move to the cloud with confidence, knowing their unique needs will be met through geo-availability and AppSource simplifying integration, extensions, and application development.

        Delight customers by exceeding expectations

        Microsoft’s investments I user experience and rich capabilities ensure they go beyond meeting customer expectations to deliver unexpected results.

        Drive better together Microsoft experiences

        Microsoft ensures its customers can benefit from using Office 365, Teams, Power Platform, and Business Central together to improve collaboration, productivity, workflow, insights, and results.

        Better availability of Business Central localizations

        Microsoft is also launching new localizations in Europe. Among others, in Romania, Greece and Turkey.

        Companies choose Business Central system based on the cloud

        Business Central is used by companies from various industries and sizes. From small companies with a few users to large ones, with even several thousand users. Some of them are new customers, some users have switched from old Microsoft solutions to the latest cloud solution.

        New solutions in Microsoft Dynamics – new security functionalities

        This year Microsoft added new functionalities that support security. The changes help to protect, for example, bank account numbers or customer data such as e-mail. Thanks to additional notifications, it allows you to avoid accidental changes of customer data.

        More advanced managing of e-mail accounts

        New capability E-mail Accounts helps to manage e-mail accounts. It allows you to give access to e-mail account to several people. In this solution it is easy to set up a mailbox. Including if its individual one shared one. Thanks to this it is easier to maintain contact with customers and run e-mail systems and massages sending. The capability also allows to create mailing scenarios. For every address you can create different scenario.

        Better user experience

        As part of the new wave of solutions, Microsoft is also simplifying system printouts and reporting.

        Microsoft pays great attention to the development of Teams. One of the changes is easier exchange of data from Business Central using the Teams platform. The content of the link from Business Central shows in Teams. Thanks to this, there is no need to open the link and enter the system to check what our interlocutor sent us. This solution makes it much easier to talk about orders or inventory.

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          Microsoft 365 & Teams – new feature of work

          From the beginning of the year, the working environment has changed beyond recognition. The new work organization, hybrid model or remote meetings will probably become a permanent feature of the work culture. Microsoft tries to understand all the trends that are changing the future of work. The company is trying to meet the current and future changes. New solutions introduced in Microsoft 365 and Teams, among others, are to reduce risk, support the productivity of companies and ensure a good feeling of employees. Jared Spataro, CVP of Modern Work, showed the latest research and framework for the success of every IT specialist and business leader. Jared showcased the latest innovations on Microsoft 365 and Teams.

          CEO of Fortune 50 company emphasizes how important employees are in changing the style of work

          „What keeps me up at night isn’t supply chain Logistics or sales. It’s well-being of my workforce – because I know our company lives and dies by them”

          The company’s value is created by employees

          Jared also emphasizes that the value of enterprises is created by employees. Therefore, it is very important to take care of their well-being. Not just their results. For this reason, new technologies should support employees in their well-being more than ever before, instead of focusing solely on increasing productivity.

          7 keys to success

          Microsoft shows 7 keys to success for companies and IT leaders to support employees in a new way of working.

          1. Reimagine teamwork, culture, and social capital – digitally.
          2. Prioritize individual wellbeing to help people focus and be their best.
          3. Help people learn, reinvent, and grow with the pace of change.
          4. Unlock the data, knowledge, and expertise of the entire organization.
          5. Automate process and workflow to increase discontinuous innovation.
          6. Include everyone in digital transformation.
          7. Ensure a trusted, secure, modern experience for every employee.

          Microsoft Graph

          During his presentation, Jared focused on teamwork and the well-being of employees. At the heart of these assumptions is a technology that Microsoft believes is critical to the future of work. This is Microsoft Graph that highlights everything that is created in Microsoft 365.

          Capturing and reading

          In today’s digitized world, capturing and reading signals is very important. They help to support employees, be innovative and create value. Microsoft Graph allows for the easy exchange of values and signals between individual employees and the entire company.

          Capture and process data

          Graph captures and processes data. The more you work with the solution, the more data it collects, processes and becomes more intelligent. Thanks to this, it can support employees individually better and better. Analyzes data, presents insights and suggests actions. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Graph supports the individual capabilities of employees (not substitutes them). In combination with data from entire departments, e.g. HR, finance, sales, customer support, you can support the performance of all employees by finding the best solutions. Ultimately, Graph helps create added value for the entire company.

          Integrated suite of applications and environments

          Microsoft 365 is an integrated suite of applications and Graph environments connected with productivity. Teams, Outlook, Office. Microsoft’s tools help you be productive anywhere, anytime, every day.

          Solutions supported by Azure cloud

          All Microsoft solutions are supported by the Azure cloud. Using Microsoft Graph, they not only connect seamlessly with each other, but also support the transfer, collection and analysis of data. Importantly, the solutions are built on a safe and trusted basis that takes care of privacy and compliance in the project. In terms of data security and protection, they are also adapted to the GDPR Act. Importantly, at Microsoft, you have control over your data and you can decide how to use it.

          Microsoft 365 and Teams

          Microsoft 365 and Teams app help you reimagine teamwork. As we work more and more remotly, it is important to create and strengthen a sense of community and bonding between people. Working together is not only about videoconferencing. It is also everything that happens before and after the meeting. Microsoft Teams is the perfect collaboration platform. It’s a platform that supports all types of remote collaboration. It combines meetings, chats, conversations, joint work on content and automation of business processes. It’s a unified platform supporting the entire range of remote collaboration. From meetings to the telephone system.

          Better quality of on-line meetings

          Importantly, Teams facilitates not only meetings between company employees. It allows employees to connect with customers in a number of different ways. It can be, for example, a video conference, webinar, remote sale or any other meeting scenario.

          Together mode

          During the Ignite conference, Microsoft presented a new online meeting environment. Additionally, the solution treats each meeting participant as a “first class citizen”. To make this possible and to make the meeting experience more personal, Microsoft introduced Together Mode. Thanks to this, all participants of online meetings can meet (digitally) in one place. As a conference participant, we can see other people in the office or other environment.

          Surface Hub

          In addition, the Surface Hub device, designed for meeting management, significantly facilitates on-line conversations. You don’t even have to touch the device to start a conference or connect with anyone using Microsoft Teams.

          Live chat transcription

          What is more, the conversation transcription has been launched in Teams. It happens “live”. Thanks to this, you will not lose anything that was said in the meeting. The recording of the conversation is available during and after the meeting. Now you can also easily set a view of what is most important in the application. Both when it comes to the presented content and people. To facilitate communication, you do not need to leave the videoconference window now to see what is happening in parallel in the written conversation.

          Microsoft 365 & Teams support for hybrid meetings

          Microsoft also supports hybrid work. Thanks to the solutions, you can easily connect online conferences with people who are physically in the room. This is largely facilitated by Microsoft Teams Room and Surface Hub. Solutions designed to manage meetings significantly facilitate on-line conversations. You don’t even have to touch the device to start a conference or connect with anyone using Microsoft Teams. In addition, Surface Hub allows you to share the board with other conference users to jointly note, change or create projects.

          Microsoft solutions ensure the well-being of your employees

          Re-creating the work environment must not only focus on continuously improving employee efficiency. This barriers to rapid burnout of your people. Microsoft tries to create solutions that focus on supporting the creativity of employees. This is important because only people can be innovators. Computers or artificial intelligence cannot do it for us. That’s why Microsoft puts users’ well-being at first. Because of that the Headspace meditation app has been integrated with Teams.

          Integrated Microsoft Insights application

          Another Teams extension is the added and integrated Microsoft Insights app. It supports the well-being of employees and their productivity at every level. For Insights, it doesn’t matter if they are managers, directors or sellers. It facilitates the management of tasks, time and allows you to turn off after work. At the end of the day, you can mark your tasks as done, in progress, or postponed. Employees can also mark how they feel during the day.

          Are your employees satisfied?

          This solution allows you to see if people are satisfied with their work. Managers will be able to control overall job satisfaction, the status of project implementation and the time spent on work. These solutions will allow you to better manage the team and check whether employees need support or rest.

          Thanks to the integrated Insights application, after finishing work, users have a moment to calm down, focus on themselves and return to their tasks only the next day.

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            Commerce – what’s new in Dynamics 365

            This year Microsoft presented the Dynamics 365 Commerce 2020 wave 2 investments. Brendan Sullivan, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce showed where Microsoft is going and presented some of the new features and capabilities that they’re releasing as part of this wave.

            Brendan briefly showed the most important improvements, capabilities and features in Commerce. They are:

            • omnichannel improvements,
            • modern store in frontline workers improvements,
            • new additions to intelligence, insights, and analytics,
            • new digital commerce capabilities.

            Commerce and products in Dynamics 365

            Dynamics 365 Commerce

            Microsoft offers a core system which provides a headless commerce engine capable of interacting with either the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations or working with third party ERP through a connector. The system can serve them through a headquarters solution that gives you the ability that interact with your products, prices, promotions, discounts, and customers to be served that headless commerce engine across a range of different retail channels.

            Serve your customers

            You can serve your customers in number of channels. E.g. in-store retail channels, point of sale, and mobile point of sale solutions.

            • Call center solution gives you the ability to work with our call center operator over the phone.
            • Digital commerce solution, gives you the ability to have rich and immersive websites and be able to expose your products, get people to discover and learn about them and purchase them.
            • Marketplaces, as well as social platform channels allow you to not only broadcast your products. They allow to broadcast your information, so that you can drive market share and get customers to come to your products, as well as purchase those products on those social platforms.
            • Conversational enables you to work in real-time with a customer, to have AI chatbots, and to work with the customer. All those solutions give customers the possibility to find the product they want. And they enable you help them discover products and learn about it.

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              Microsoft gives you chance to work in many channels by different, individual roles:

              • store clerk in the retail stores,
              • consumer and shopper who works with the e-commerce systems that are driven by marketers and merchandisers,
              • customer service reps who man the call centers,
              • bots and virtual agents which power call center capabilities as well as conversational capabilities.
              Dynamics 365 Commerce

              Microsoft also offers emerging business to business solution that allows you to bring up B2B solution connected into our headless commerce engine and be able to power purchasing scenarios.  

              If you look at all solutions together you will see that Microsoft actually powers a large number of traditional and emerging channels. Microsoft also supports a number of customers and business facing customers across all these different retail channels.

              What gives you the headless commerce engine?

              First of all you can manage your products and master them in one centralized place. You also gain the ability to serve customers across different retail channels. You can use different prices, promotions or discounts.

              Secondly, it gives you the ability to capture all that customer information, whether it be orders, customer information, account information, addresses, and clickstream data or other. It gives you the ability to have one golden customer record across all of your different retail channels.

              It also gives you the ability to holistically view your retail solution across all your different retail channels. You can see what products are selling best in a given channel. What is more, with Microsoft Commerce you will know:

              • how best to strategically place your products for shipping and for sales based on information.
              • What types of customers are interacting with a given channel, and how best to sell to those customers in those given channels.

              Commerce – new features released in 2020 wave 2

              Digital commerce capabilities

              Dynamics 365 Commerce

              Visual page builder was changed. Microsoft integrated drag and drop page design. Now you can easily drag modules onto the canvas. Also making changes in the canvas is much easier.

              Microsoft also gives you the ability to do color and style modifications on your page. Without CSS extensions for that. Now you can also do preview by device types, see what is your page is going to look like in reference to a particular responsive breakpoint.

              Microsoft also simplifies the list management. Whether it’s a manual generated list, an algorithmic list or an AI powered personalized list, you can modify and control that list more easily within the interface.

              Lastly, you are able to introduce page item variations. It gives you the ability to quickly and easily build variations for simple tasks like localization and marketization. You also gain the ability to have those variations for A/B testing and server-side experimentation, as well as setting the stage for the ability to do that later with targeting and personalization.

              Intelligent content experimentation

              What is more, Microsoft is going to release in this wave intelligent content experimentation. They have a range of server-side experimentation capabilities that has partnered closely with Optimizely to be able to deliver. These capabilities will give you the ability to do true server-side AB testing.  (Optimizely is a market leader in both server side and client-side AB testing.)

              Dynamics 365 Page designer

              All of these are giving you the ability to exploit those variations as experiment control A and B variance and being able to split your traffic across them. Pages, slots, modules, lists, content items, and images. You can select any of those items and change them out with an experiment as a variation.

              You can really control any granular part of the page or the entire page to be able to run an experiment and see what resonates with your customer. Once you understand what resonates, you can easily promote that page so that all customers will see that content.

              New e-commerce modules

              You’re geting the ability to purchase gift cards. You can purchase those with customer amounts, support for kits, support for pop-up cart. You can easily present a new pop-up cart to the customer, instead of using the traditional cart flow, if you so choose. You also gain the ability to have a color picker in the PDP, so you could use visual identifiers versus textual identifier.

              Microsoft is also improving module extensibility and simplifying the overall component architecture and extensions and extensibility. You will be able to extend data actions, and define new extensions within those data actions. Thanks to this you can work more intelligently across modules as well as be able to work with third party data services.

              New module abilities

              With new modules you will gain the ability to pass contexts to modules within slots, so you can actually pass data between modules. The ability to pass module configs to components, so you can easily control the content flowing to components in terms of configuration settings.

              Microsoft is also announcing preview of the social commerce capabilities. They will give you the ability to syndicate content out to a range of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WeChat. You will also have the ability to both sell content through as well as sell content in the social commerce

              Intelligence, insights and analytics capabilities

              Microsoft provides intelligence and insights to your products.  With recommendations from AI and machine learning you gain the ability to create store of the future.

              Omni-channel capabilities.

              First of all, you gain the ability to sell across modern payment methods that don’t have been ranges associated with them. It gives you the ability to capture, cancel, and refund orders through the system, and being able to support these payment methods across all the different retail channels.

              Microsoft is going to provide a PayPal connector out of the box. It’ll be very similar to add-in connector. You’ll be able to use the connector for free and maintain it in perpetuity. But will also give you the ability to simply enter into your account details and start transacting. It’ll also bubble up in store starter kit, so that you can easily integrate PayPal into your e-commerce site. It facilitates start taking transactions online.

              The ability to influence relevance and rankings.

              You can make sure that the right products are appeared to the customer. You also gain the ability to personalize for a customer. You also can drive just what product results are shown to any given customer based on a range of factors such as products that they purchased, looked at in the past, or external factors. Thanks to this you can present the right type of products to a customer given their particular situation. It’s also gives you the ability to do sponsored products if you want to do advertising your products on your system. As well as the ability to do insights and analytics based on searches.

              Customer service solutions

              Integration with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution gives you the ability to drive customer service chats and virtual agents using the Microsoft Virtual Agent Architecture. You be can present those directly within an e-commerce site so that customers can easily ask questions, can interact with the virtual agent to be able to get support, make modifications to their orders, and work directly with any of the information that’s in the headless commerce engine. You are also able to surface this information within the call center so that customers can easily interact with their orders in details.


              Microsoft gives you the ability to opt in and out of marketing. So if you have a direct marketing solution, you can enable this at the customer level to say whether or not they want to receive e-mail. So that when you’re at the point of sale system or when you’re in e-commerce, and you can sign up or sign out of getting marketing e-mails.

              Customers behavior

              You are also able to look at the duration since the customer signed up, so you can actually see how long a customer has been with your solution, as well as the ability to capture additional addresses and being able to have multiple addresses and select those for shipping. The Store System Health Check gives you the ability to view all the different systems running within your retail store.

              As you can see Microsoft put a lot of effort to improve its commerce solution. We believe you and your company can gain a lot from these changes.

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                Dynamics 365 & Power Platform at Microsoft Ignite

                The Microsoft Ignite conference is behind us. During this year’s meeting, we dicovered a lot of news from the world of Microsoft. Alysa Taylor (Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Global Industry) and Muhammad Alam (Corporate Vice President, Dynamics 365 at Microsoft) during the Ignite conference focused on a new approach to work and preparing Microsoft users for the challenges that the future may bring.

                The Microsoft ecosystem is a range of different applications for all types of business.

                Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at Microsoft Ignite

                Each application or solution can be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Thanks to that Microsoft products are a good choice to support the daily work of enterprises. They can be easily scaled or extended with new functionalities.

                Microsoft offers solutions that support building the resilience of enterprises at every business level and help meet today’s challenges. What’s more, they allow you to proactively stay ahead of future opportunities – to reimagine the future. At the Microsoft Ignite conference, new Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 features were announced to help make this vision a reality.

                News from Ignite – Microsoft Power Platform:

                • Low code updates for professional developers with an integrated Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Azure API Management experience to scale solutions through Power Apps with low-code and distribute through Microsoft Teams.
                • Power Platform SDLC (software development lifecycle) workflows and templates with GitHub Actions.
                • Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Azure Bot Framework integration to build bots with no code, plus a simpler, one-click publishing experience on Teams.
                • Deeper Power Apps and Teams integration, including Power Apps authoring app within Teams, Project Oakdale for a free low code data platform, and Teams visual style support.
                • The preview of the Microsoft Power BI app for Teams which provides a central, personalized home for data in Teams will help customers scale insights across the organization by ensuring that insights are just a click away from where conversations are happening and where decisions are made.
                • Power BI is now natively integrated with Excel and is easier than ever to discover and work with trusted Power BI datasets that are refreshed, governed, and secured directly in Excel.
                • Two new Power BI offerings: Power BI Premium Per User as an entry point to Premium and a new on-demand capacity scale option for Premium customers.
                • The preview of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, bringing robotic process automation (RPA) to every desktop.

                News from Ignite – Microsoft Dynamics 365

                • A new first-party voice channel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, built on Microsoft Azure Communication Services.
                • New add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: Cloud and Edge Scale Unit and Inventory Visibility.
                • General availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ​Project Operations.

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                  Easy application development

                  This year’s Microsoft Ignite conference also focused on accelerated application development. To meet the growing trend of “fusion”, low-code or code first projects, Microsoft has made many improvements and investments. Thanks to them, it can ensure trouble-free cooperation between Power Platform, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio.

                  Power Platform

                  Power Platform is becoming more and more important product. The platform is constantly evolving to shape and scale the work with low code applications and new features. Changes in the Power Platform are intended to help professional developers quickly transform their business from scratch. All this using tools and languages that developers are already familiar with.

                  Apps from Power group

                  Microsoft has also made changes to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Azure API Management. Thanks to the changes, all of these applications will now work together seamlessly. They will allow developers to scale low-code solutions with Power Apps and distribute via Microsoft Teams. Moreover, developers can create custom connectors and seamlessly upload them to dedicated Power Platform environments for easy discovery in Power Apps. In addition, Microsoft Azure Functions and Azure API Management can be used to enable individual developers to distribute Power Apps in Teams.

                  GitHub improves programming

                  To improve programming, Microsoft announced the introduction of the Power Platform to the platform where development teams collaborate on projects – GitHub. Professional developers can create their own SDLC workflows in the marketplace (software lifecycle) using GitHub Actions for Power Platform. They can also use preconfigured SDLC workflow templates.

                  Power Virtual Agents & Azure Bot Framework

                  In addition, Power Virtual Agents and Azure Bot Framework will now run seamlessly, allowing developers to build bots without code. Power Virtual Agents has also been improved to make it even easier for developers and users to publish to Teams with a single click.

                  Collaborative work extended with team insight into data. Allow everyone to make better decisions.

                  Microsoft Teams is a platform that has become an integral part of our lives. Both professional and private. It is also used for remote learning. Interactions in Teams are not only between people, but also between data. Now, Power BI in Teams is evolving to help everyone find and work on insights.

                  Power BI app for teams

                  Microsoft has introduced a new Power BI app for teams that provides a more streamlined experience for accessing Power BI reports in Teams, making it easier to collaborate with data and combine action insight with sample reports, automation, and easy sharing.

                  A preview of the new Power BI app for teams has been announced on Ignite. The app will enable users to quickly find, search and discuss data without leaving Teams. It’s a central, personalized storage in Teams, ensuring that information is always one click away from where conversations are taking place and decisions are being made.

                  For example, PayPal moved to Teams and added a tab for Power BI visualizations to Teams meetings, providing an easy way to easily share a project’s current status and goals as people join.

                  Power BI Premium

                  In addition to upgrading the Power BI service, Microsoft also provides broader analytics choices and scalability with two new Power BI offerings: User Power BI Premium as the entry point to Premium, and a new on-demand capacity scaling option for Premium customers. All this to enable flexible scaling of Premium nodes.

                  Automation for everyone

                  Microsoft constantly invests in robotic process automation (RPA). The acquisition of Softomotive opened doors to pare Power Automate with WinAutomation, enabling anyone to automate manual business processes across both legacy and modern applications.

                  Microsoft has introduced a preview of Power Automate Desktop. The service enables the automation of local processes and tasks, from simple data transfers between systems or image search to more complex business processes and workflows. Everything is available from the computer.

                  Faster results at Toyota thanks to Microsoft

                  These updates show what Microsoft solutions can do when everyone (from professional developers to non-technical users) across the company has access to code-less or low-code tools.

                  Microsoft showed three ways Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) enables everyone in the enterprise to troubleshoot problems using the Power Platform.

                  Power BI, Teams & Microsoft Azure Synapse

                  For example, the team is using Power BI, Teams, and Microsoft Azure Synapse to monitor their network and analyze the immense amounts of data that is created as part of that process, including surveys performed by their field travelers that are responsible for different regions. Toyota harnessed the full suite of Power Platform features plus Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to rapidly build and deploy a Vehicle Delivery Quality app that improved accuracy and efficiency for field travelers collecting information. Plus, it gave them 100 percent coverage across their dealers enabling Toyota to better understand what dealers are doing right and improve the quality and safety of vehicles delivered to their customers.

                  Dynamics 365 updates. Company resistant to change

                  It goes without saying that every business must prioritize meeting customer expectations, even in times of change and uncertainty, in order to remain resilient and relevant to the marketplace. It now also needs to protect itself from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To make it possible, Microsoft introduced new additions and updates to Dynamics 365 focused on the most critical customer satisfaction centers. The most important business areas today: services and supply chain, are specifically addressed in the appendices. These enhanced solutions are ready to use, yet quickly scale and adapt to create unique digital functions.

                  The first omnichannel solution, including native voice

                  Customer service is not just about building loyalty and customer retention. This is an essential way to understand how to better serve customers who rely on the company’s products and services. Nowadays, it is especially important to offer multiple ways of continuous communication. Dynamics 365 provides optimal customer service solutions for everyone in the company – from frontline employees and customer service management to solution implementers and administrators.

                  First-party voice channel

                  At Ignite, Microsoft announced the addition of a new first-party voice channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service based on Azure Communication Services (available in preview). By integrating voice with existing multi-channel capabilities, the voice channel provides smooth, end-to-end customer service in a single cloud-based solution. The solution enables teams to deliver consistent, connected help across all channels. Features based on artificial intelligence help you solve problems faster, including offering real-time suggestions for employees and carrying out a sentiment analysis that starts working immediately (out-of-the-box feature). Moreover, with the Common Data Model, voice channel data natively integrates with pre-existing datasets – without data manipulation or reformatting.

                  Supply chain risk management and maintaining continuity of supply

                  This year, companies have had to deal with rapidly changing customer demand and severe disruptions in their supply chains. Most of them found it difficult to change quickly. In order to meet new requirements, companies are trying to increase flexibility and resilience in the way they operate by digitizing the entire supply chain.

                  New additions to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

                  Therefore, during the Ignite conference, Microsoft announced two new additions to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management that will improve visibility and enable users to react quickly to changing demand and supply. They are: Cloud and Edge Scale Unit and Inventory Visibility.

                  Companies often struggle with latency and connectivity when running operations in remote facilities. Parallel, resource-intensive processes can lead to network latency and reduced productivity. New Cloud and Edge Scale Unit add-ons for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management bring the power of the intelligent cloud to the edge. Add-ins allow companies to run critical storage and production workloads at the edge using Azure devices. As a result, they increase resilience and ensure 24/7 operation, even in the event of a temporary disconnection from the cloud.

                  Inventory Visibility

                  The new Inventory Visibility add-in for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables high-volume retailers and manufacturers to easily handle millions of transactions every minute. It also allows for accurate, real-time multi-channel inventory determination. Enterprises can scale easily to fulfill orders from multiple channels on time and reduce shortages and excess inventory. The new feature is hyper-scalable and can also work with third-party systems.

                  Transform project-based services

                  The solutions Microsoft announced at Ignite share a common theme: they enable enterprises the speed and flexibility to adapt to change, build resilience in any industry, and exceed customer expectations. If your business has a project-based organization structure, it’s especially important to be able to adapt to the types of changes we’ve seen over the past few months.

                  Dynamics 365 Project Operations

                  Dynamics 365 Project Operations brings together and gives teams (Sales, Resource, Project Management, and Accounting) the visibility they need to deliver services to customers on time and on budget. Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates with other enterprise systems. Thanks to this, it helps to drive business development in sales and delivery processes, without the need to integrate and replace existing systems. You can also easily scale Dynamics 365 Project Operations with Power Platform and other Dynamics 365 applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

                  Soon Microsoft will announce more news and solutions to better support companies in their daily challenges!

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                    New business era with Azure IoT solutions

                    Customers are looking for devices, insights and actions to help them meet their most pressing challenges. Azure IoT makes it possible.

                    Microsoft’s solutions help simplify the development of safe and reliable IoT solutions. It’s all thanks to managed apps and a flexible app platform that enable the complete IoT ecosystem to achieve business goals faster. Achieving goals is possible through connectivity, constant invitation, trust, and scaling.

                    IoT, or the Internet of Things, drives transformation everywhere. Moreover, the use of IoT opens the way to return to the workplace. It can be concluded that IoT is an endless list of advantages.

                    Azure IoT is everything

                    The Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Internet of Things and Mixed Reality Sales said, “IoT is everything.” Especially in the context of returning to the workplace. But what does that actually mean?

                    • Prevent – Deploy technologies to monitor and detect unsafe condition and activities.
                    • Respond – Collaborate with medical communities and providers to support health directives.
                    • Recover – Confidently reopen with technologies and workflows to protect workers and the public.
                    • Rebuild – Invest in transformative solutions that increase efficiencies and maximize capabilities.
                    Azure IoT, Azure Security

                    Data security, also in the field of IoT, is crucial both for application users and their customers. As many as 97% of people have security concerns when implementing IoT.

                    Azure IoT, Azure Security

                    Rodney Clark, however, dispels concerns about Microsoft’s IoT security. Azure Security Center for IoT is unified security management and enables end-to-end threat detection and analytics.

                    Azure Security Center for IoT simplifies hybrid protection with unified visibility and control, adaptive threat prevention, and intelligent threat detection and response across edge, on-premises, Azure and other cloud workloads.

                    Azure IoT, Azure Security

                    Azure Security Center is:

                    • Unified visibility and control.
                    • Adaptive Threat Prevention.

                    Importantly, Rodney Clark points out that 85% of IoT decision makers believe IoT solutions are critical to the continued success of their business.

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                      Microsoft Inspire – news and the of 2020.

                      Microsoft Inspire is 3 days of conferences devoted to Microsoft solutions. This year’s conference was unlike any other. First, it was entirely organized online. Of course, virtual meetings will never replace impressions from real meetings. However, thanks to the new formula, this year’s conference attracted more participants than any previous edition.

                      For years, Microsoft has been developing solutions supporting remote work and migration of systems and applications to the cloud. In a difficult year, in which we all work remotely, much more than ever before, the speakers naturally focused on remote work and work mobility.

                      Nick Parker, CVP in Microsoft, has summarized the most important numbers.

                      The year 2020 is among others:

                      • 4,1 billion Teams meeting minutes per day.
                      • 75 million of daily active Teams users
                      • 1 billion Windows monthly active devices
                      • 134 million of enterprise mobility installed seats
                      • 30% server products and cloud services revenue growth
                      Microsoft Inspire

                      All of this data shows that we are becoming more and more mobile. We are investing more to be able to work remotely – from any place, at any time.

                      Microsoft Teams

                      It is also worth to emphasize the great importance of Teams in remote work. Without this tool, it is difficult to imagine on-line meetings and mobile work. Microsoft Teams offers many opportunities for work, meetings, document sharing or presentations.

                      Some companies may need additional Teams solutions. During Inspire, Microsoft announced that it will meet such needs. Microsoft announced the release of a new solution, which is Microsoft Dataflex. The platform allows anyone to easily create and implement applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

                      Learn more about Microsoft Dataflex: CLIK HERE

                      Cloud solutions

                      Microsoft Inspire also puts a lot of weight on cloud solutions. Microsoft’s systems and applications are based on three main clouds – Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. All to offer intelligent solutions.

                      microsoft inspire

                      The speakers did not forget about Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, IoT, Power Platform and Power Apps solutions.

                      Microsoft cares about its customers in these difficult times. It offers them solutions that help them meet the challenges of 2020 and develop their companies despite changes.

                      “The new normal is now our normal.” Microsoft is doing everything possible to make it digital, cloud-based and customer-oriented and his customer-oriented.

                      More about news from Microsoft Inspire soon on www.itvision.pl/en and LinkedIn

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                        Dataflex – new application from Microsoft for Teams

                        Microsoft Dataflex is an embedded platform with lowe code for Teams. It delivers a built-in, low-code data platform for Teams. It provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance. In addition, it offers quick implementation of solutions with one click.

                        Microsoft Dataflex enables anyone to easily build and deploy applications and intelligent chatbots. Everything in Teams using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agent.

                        Microsoft Dataflex

                        Microsoft Dataflex is based on the Common Data Service. Common Data Service has added over 1,000 new features. It also introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. From now on it functions under a new name – Microsoft Dataflex Pro.

                        Microsoft Teams and Power Platform allow users to easily create apps and bots right in Teams. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly respond to changing business needs and create custom solutions. With the addition of Microsoft Dataflex, Teams users now have key business data at their fingertips to build new apps that address real business problems—all without ever leaving Teams.

                        The powerful combination of the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dataflex enables:

                        • An integrated experience for your custom apps inside Teams
                        • Quickly build and deploy apps and bots inside Teams
                        • Easily share and administer custom solutions through Teams

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                          Microsoft extends AI offer with computer vision!

                          The role of image detection and recognition is constantly increasing. The use of computer vision improves the functioning of enterprises and helps them increase profits. With this technology, retailers can better manage their physical spaces, gaining a better understanding of customer behavior.


                          Retailers can better manage store space by gaining a better understanding of customer behavior. Most salespeople do not have the right data to track the real behavior and actions of customers. This leads to a loss of cost management options and increased revenues.
                          Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Store fills this gap. It uses computer vision, and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to better understand space. Thanks to this, it optimizes business operations and helps meet customer expectations thanks to real-time observation data.

                          Image recognition features

                          computer vision

                          Image recognition features unlock the ability to better understand and manage e.g. store space. Microsoft is trying to simplify the process of customizing solutions for each unique space so as to optimize the company’s results. It also cares about the security and control of its own data. There is no need to share information with Microsoft or other providers.

                          To improve the quality of computer vision analysis, Microsoft took over Orions Systems. It is a pioneer in the development of large-scale, hybrid, intelligent vision systems. The systems are focused on machine learning “in the loop” in conjunction with services that can be adapted to the operation of one device or to scale to support large-scale network topology.

                          Orions Systems has a good reputation and leading technology for companies that want to collect and analyze high-value data, especially in video content and images. The acquisition brings additional technologies to Microsoft solutions. Technologies will allow solutions such as Dynamics 365 Connected Store and Microsoft Power Platform to offer retailers and other entrepreneurs a new way to build and train their own artificial intelligence models to customize and optimize the way they learn from their physical space.

                          This additional set of tools will work well in scenarios that go beyond what is currently offered as standard in the system. It can adapt to the truly unique dimensions and needs of their physical spaces.

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